Conversation With a Grandson

First, the name I answer to, when being called by five particular individuals in this world is, ‘Grandma Duck.’ Why, is a whole other story, that isn’t for now.

Grandson: ‘Grandma duck’

he said, while screwing up his ten year-old brow.

Me: ‘Yes love’

Grandson: ‘This thing, the Haemachroma thing that you have.’

Me: yes.


Well, Daddy said about the iron and the blood *screws fingers together in a spider-like fashion* and the … Jeans ( not typo), steps from one foot to another rapidly.

Me: Umm … Yes love, you know they aren’t jeans you put on your legs the sort that are cool and Grandmas shouldn’t wear. I pull him in under my armpit sqeeze gently and kiss the top of his ear … as Grandmas do.


*wipes ear and frowns* ‘I know that Grandma *sigh*.’ His brows shoot up and with staring eyes he faces me. ‘It is about science and cells and Genes, they group together, some from your Dad and some from your Mum when they are together’ … He stops for breath, pokes his top lip with his index finger and continues. ‘They made you, and both of them gave you a mutant Gene so you have two… mutants, to get the thing.’


Okay, sorry, you understand that nicely, well done. I squeeze again, just a tightening of my bicep to reinforce how proud I was of the grasp he had of a difficult subject.


So, now you have #Haemochromatosis. His face lit up, a smile spread like crunchy peanut butter on warm wholemeal toast. ‘Does that mean you are a real Mutant? an Alien, like from outer space?’

He looks like he would pee at any moment, I glance towards the front door, half expecting a dozen excited school friends armed with lazer light and nerf guns to burst through at any second, armed and ready to capture the mutant Alien Grandma.


I roll my eyes, ‘tsk’ ‘No!’ now wash your hands while I get your lunch.


Slaps loudly his unwilling feet on the floor, audibly sigh’s as he foams his delicate hands. With his bottom lip protruding in disappointment he tucks himself under the table.


Eat your soup then you can have a biscuit … *wink wink*

The things that children understand are I am certain much broader than when I was their age. But there is I think a special type of imagination when your almost all grown, which spans the years and defys definition.

Talk to me, what do you think, are they more grown up, knowledgable better informed … or does as I believe imagination still shine through tegardless.

36 thoughts on “Conversation With a Grandson

  1. Such a grown up conversation! I could feel his disappointment that you weren’t a real alien!! I think kids are aware of so much more than we were at their age. I wonder if they lose their innocence earlier? I look forward to having these sorts of talks with my new granddaughter one day. My mother is Grandma Bus to my children, another story for another time 😊

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    1. Maybe it depends on how screen time is policed. Some parents just leave their children to be endlessly on phones and computers others ration them. Thanks for your opinion and joining in. 😊


  2. Wow, kids have a different way to think about things and to look at them. They may be wiser in a different way because the don’t interpret too much right because they don’t “know” so much about it yet and see it all simpler!

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  3. You gotta love grandchildren conversations. Yesterday my 4 year old granddaughter told me her elaborate plan to break me out of jail in case the police arrest me for driving with one hand on the steering wheel.

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  4. What a gorgeous conversation with your grandson. Children have always had a much greater ability to understand than they are given credit for. I love his take on this, but I am sorry for your mutant jeans. I wish you well. Enjoy every precious moment and every conversation.

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  5. One of the lads in my care said he had a headache in his tummy, and when I had a blood test and they couldn’t stop the bleeding, he announced that the bandage was to stop it all falling out. Sometimes the way kids grasps things astounds me. This was also the kid that asked me if I had a dinosaur for a pet when I was a child (bless him).

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