An Educated Walk

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A hundred miles I walked. Stinking dirty miles, in shoes that didn’t fit. The right too tight, reminding me, squeezing too much in leaves little space to breathe.

The left, two sizes too big, rubbed raw my foot. It made me bleed until it seeped through the lace holes and rolled back the skin, but on I walked.

It taught me to say no, to leave room to be kind, so I can grow a better man.

It taught me, never to be too proud to admit, this is too big for me.

It needn’t hurt to learn that lesson just take an educated walk.

Thanks for the Photo @Sarah Potter

30 thoughts on “An Educated Walk

    1. Many thanks for coming to read. It is a bit different for me but if you read my about page you will see I like to challenge the genre on here, so often attempt new things. Pop back soon I’d love to see you here again. πŸ˜‡ happy Sunday.

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      1. But what I love is the difference in how people see this photo. I was amazed at how many saw what I saw as the cracking and wear of the inside material of the shoes as spider webs. Made for intriguing writing.

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