A Little Recognition.

Today I want to …


For still being here, staying with me through sporadic posting over the last year. while I learned to cope with my newly diagnosed medical condition. My plan is to come more often, to give consistency a go once more. For me to share a story or a snippet of me … weekly to begin with.

In order to recognise and thank you all I have reworked a post from two years ago as It said everything. So lay back, sit in a comfy chair and enjoy basking in my praise of you.

On my blog I lay a cornucopia of words. This site is (or will be) costantly replenished, offering a buffet of stories, a picnic of poetry, prose and pieces of me.

This is a place where I choose to show the shape of me. Not my figure … that like a shape-shifter, changes by the hour with age and gravity. No, here I show the shape of the soul of me, my words and machinations.


As I edit my first full manuscript and one day soon novel, I try to grow and make connections. Coming here to breathe on my blog when the edit bites my bum and frustrates me, this gives me the distraction I need. I read and reply to comments left here, many urge me on and inspire confidence; I learn from you all. I seek out more followers, visit blogs and join conversations, in hope that they/ you appreciate something I write, or maybe begin to hear my voice or see my shape.

Like fallow Deer i am inquisitive, on the brink of that leap. The excitement is palpable when I read something fresh … stumble across a post or a someone I connect with.

I follow places and like minded people, honest writers and bloggers with passion and soul. “I thank you from me” for accommodating me and allowing my presence in your space.

To all who share and promote and care, those that take time to comment, I drop a curtsie, bend a knee, and thank you, I recognise your talent and appreciate your time.


If I could see you all gathered in one place I would share my picnic with you all.
Now if I did, what would you bring to my blanket? Let me know in the comments. Bye for now and keep coming and sharing as I do. 😘Mostly keep coming back.

68 thoughts on “A Little Recognition.

    1. Blughhh! Green tea! But some may well like it and I will share a word or two and maybe a meringue … okay I won’t share meringue that was a lie but space on the blanket 🤣😂😃


    1. *Googles Ketogenic* 😲 oh my days maybe I will bring a special hamper just for you … I have to have you at the picnic. 😉 I look forward to answering your comments on my blog.


  1. What would I bring to your picnic? Fruit Salad. Nothing like some cool, juicy fruit on a hot summer’s day. I’m glad to hear you’ll be blogging more and I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

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  2. So glad you’re going to be blogging some more. I would have to bring something my husband made as no one wants a trip to the Emergency Room. Perhaps some of his finest sea salt chocolate caramels.


    1. Ahh memories of Liguria, now I hunger for a week in Lerici , promanading with the locals at midnight. Thank you I would move over on the blanket and pick your brains for the recipe of a peasant dish made with savoy cabbage and pizzoccheri … I once ate in laJatico while listening to Andr`e Bocelli.

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  3. Thank YOU for being open with us while you are going through this! I much prefer to follow personal blogs where you can “see” the blogger behind it all, and you are doing exactly that. I would probably bring a pot of tea, to share between friends! 😊

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  4. Great to see you again Ellen and totally empathise with how medical issues can get to you. Not to mention editing! So with you on like minded bloggers and writers to follow or peruse here too. Some totally wonderful and inspiring people! Hope to see more of you too!

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    1. Glad to have a head clear enough to be able to write. It is true, you do not realise what you’ve got until you are on the brink of loosing it. Always nice to see you here Gary.


      1. Very true Ellen. Life is actually quite fragile and we often take it for granted until the moment things change. I do hope it was nothing too serious.

        So good to see you back too!

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  5. Hello! If there’s room on the blanket I have some strawberries & prosecco and a sense of humour- especially about malfunctioning bodies

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  6. Sorry to read about your medical condition. No matter what it is, I know from experience how hard it can be to accept these things. Good for you for coming back, but take your time. Oh and I’d bring homemade Scotch eggs to your picnic 🙂

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  7. Ellen! Your heartfelt thoughts brought tears to my eyes. I feel that way, also. We do have faith in each other. I never saw that before until you pointed it out. We inspire each other to succeed. If that’s not faith in each other, I don’t know what it! Thank you for reminding me, how truly blessed we are! ❤ Huge Hugs!

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