For The Love Of Milly.

This is a completely reworked story that I penned a while ago and hope you agree it deserves a second shot.

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At lunchtime Bob tied a napkin beneath her chin, he softly crooned as he spooned sustenance between her lips. With the touch as soft as mallow, he caught the spillage caring that none other could see. I watched Bob care for his wife over many years, he accepted help only when he had to. Milly would batt her lashes and flirt with Bob openly, I am sure she believed they were alone. Milly whispered and giggled, sometimes you could hear her singing to Bob. One summer evening through the window, I saw them dance, in some imaginary place they took to the floor; such an intimate sight.

What they had together was gentle, the connection was tangible, respectful yet fun.

Bob and Milly were the only couple living in the home where I work, Milly in the early days was fit and able, she took an active role in the running of the home. Bob for the first four years went out to work; until Milly’s episodes became continual.

When Bob was out or having a break we nurses, would cover our uniforms and distract her by being her guests. Me with a floral crossover pinny and a pink plastic curler in my fringe. In her own space she was calm and liked the familiarity, but she came alive, I’d say animated; when Bob was near.

Milly was failing fast and still, Bob continued with the rituals she came to expect. Many a day I came on duty to see his eyes cloud, his shoulders down; it took its toll on him, loving Milly. I went into their room with a tray of tea and cake, the intention was to assess discreetly the situation; to offer support. Milly was unresponsive, as If I didn’t exist. She lay very still, occasionally her eyes would flicker. Each time she heard his voice her mouth would lift and lashes would batt. He bathed and brushed, stroked, and dressed her. For six days he never left her side, the doctor had been and we all waited in a hushed silence for the inevitable.

Worried for him, I wondered how he’d be once she had passed.

I tapped the door; it remained closed, pulling a crack just enough to peek. I could see him, cradling her in his arms; on the bed with her. Bob’s face pressed into her hair, his cheeks glistened as he rocked her to and fro humming a long forgotten tune.

At the funeral I stood next to him; he seemed spent and sad. The small chapel was full of flowers, sun-streaked through the glass as bright as the cheerful hymns they played. kindly words and reminiscences were recalled. Bob stood at the pulpit and said his last goodbye.

Bob and five clients took the minibus back to Green Hays for Millie’s high tea. Once goodbyes were said and each person had gone, I sat in his armchair for the longest time remembering the fun that was Milly, not maudlin but good happy talk. I asked…
“How did you do it, Bob, where did you get the stamina to keep on for years?” He clenched his hands to stop them trembling. As if deep in thought, he slowly nodded. “Once her memories had disappeared, (his lip trembled) it was my place to make her feel love every day. So each day for her was our first date. Then whenever it was her time to pass, she would know… to-day she was loved.”


Wouldn’t you wish to be loved as much as Milly? Leave a comment If I touched that spot?


72 thoughts on “For The Love Of Milly.

  1. Thank you. Sitting here thinking to be able to offer someone that – if not love that strong we can still offer others respect, listen to them. I guess show up. Even to be able to say I was heard could be something we can all offer people.

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  2. What a beautiful piece of writing Ellen. Nice to virtually meet you, from Hugh’s post. That’s the first post I’ve read of yours & you made me cry, I guess you got another follower 😊🌸

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  3. This is my grandparents – I am sitting with the tears flowing as i remember Grandma’s funeral and how Grandad dashed to the front as the curtains started to close over her coffin. We were so worried but he bent down and planted the gentlest kiss on the lid next to his bouquet of her favourite freesias. They had known each other since they were 5 and were married 65 years – Grandad adored her, spoilt her rotten and she was treasured to the end. When it was his turn to go, I cared for him in the hospice where I worked and my children then 7, 4 and 1 learnt that death need not be frightening. My eldest helped me to lay him out. Nearly 15 years on they remain my inspiration x

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  4. Wonderful. Yes, I am lucky and know I am loved every single day, regardless of my mood.
    I wake up knowing I’m loved and go to sleep knowing I’m loved. He tells me, every day.
    And I him. I would hate to think that for one moment he thought he wasn’t.

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  5. That is such a beautiful, heart warming story. And even more so as we are right now watching my husband’s parents living this reality out in their lives as she fades day by day after over 65 years together πŸ™‚

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  6. Ellen, that wasn’t a challenge to write, it couldn’t have been. It was blessed reading. My husband and I will be married 30 years in July. It is still bliss for us, too. But reading this piece energized me to work at daily loving him over and over again. Thanks so much for sharing. In this present age it’s wonderful to read about what real love is. Great!

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    1. Hello, thank you for coming and leaving nice comments. It was a struggle for me, romance as most think of it really is not where my head wants to be so I rose to said challenge with a twisted view. I am glad you felt what I tried to convey. And *claps* thirty years … fantastic!


  7. Oh my goodness! This was so beautiful! I had goosebumps and tears. What a fabulous way to find your romance inspiration from this lovely quote! Well done! ❀

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  8. I am technically taking an internet break today to work on my latest novel, but checked messages and saw you had come up with your piece. I think you would do great participating in my Fiction challenge I put out on Fridays that run through the following Wednesday. Check it out. Very nice work you did here.

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