Thank you #FridayFictioneers and Rochelle for alowing me to take part. In 100 words write a story or poem, using the picture as the prompt. Picture on loan is by Dale Rogerson. Press here to join in

When shoes crunch on gravel, I feel my hair stiffen on both arms and neck. If Andre’a sings the prayer, bile fills my throat, just as a certain accent will leave me a trembling mess. A sip of whiskey, stale booze on someone’s breath and I gag.

Ten years ago I was rescued. Now all is good in my world. Until a sound, smell or a taste; reminds me. I was fifteen, so close to normality across the roofs of normal homes. Will I ever be rid of the stench of him, or be able to listen to ‘The Prayer’

A hint of what occurred is sometimes enough to bring every sense into play. Did I get them all? Leave me a comment Let me know what you thought. 😇

The Prayer

34 thoughts on “The Prayer

  1. I read this twice. It just brought me in and punched me in the gut. Scents and sounds – are there two more powerful senses to bring us right back into something or somewhere or even someone?
    Wonderfully done, Ellen.

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  2. In 99 words inspired by a picture of seemingly sunny suburban serenity, you’ve made my skin crawl with a hint of the bruising darkness beneath surface. Masterful writing—we’ve come to expect that, of course, but you never disappoint.

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  3. In tune with this Ellen. Sensory reminders of a dark or haunting moment are very powerful reality checks. One cab either sink into them or step away knowing that time is gone. Dealing with trauma moments is not so easy in reality though. Words and speeches or quotes are just words. Yes they indicate the way, but nurture requires support and self validation.

    Hmm, I may be talking to me here!! Or, in tune with other blogs I’m reading today, finding #SoapBoxSaturday rambles… not sure if that exists yet, but it could be a huge weekend tag lol

    Very well written x

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      1. Lol, I’ve pondered that box all morning reading various posts where rambling is a must! Have to apologise too, I’ve been out of the blogging circus for rather a while of late. Ever since BUYB ceased in fact. My bad!

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  4. Dear Ellen,

    Olfactory triggers are the strongest when it comes to trauma. I understand her reactions. You’ve captured this well. Pity such a beautiful song is also a trigger for her. Well written.



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  5. Who knew that music could bring on sensory processing disorder? 😊i thought perhaps your character might have autism, but I suppose certain music can make us all the fragile victims of our senses. Nice portrayal.


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