Weekend writing prompt #64 In 33 words write a poem or story using the word motive. Thanks Sammi. Press here if you want to read or join in.

She went to make up. Now, looking at bloodied hands, him slumped on the table. The steak knife dripped as the sirens stopped and scarlet spread like a virus across the white cloth.

Thirty three! Talk about stripping your story bare. Could you see she had motive and opportunity? Do you think it stripped to far or was there enough left?

Leave me a word or two

She Had Motive

11 thoughts on “She Had Motive

  1. It sounds like there was a motive, but she was at the end of her tether and opportunity took over. Tired of always running, always doing the making up. “No more!” she said with the steak knife!

    Good words Ellen! X

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          1. ah the randomness of trying to spot people’s posts via the reader. Sometimes I let them come by email, then i get overwhelmed so go back to the reader and miss a load so its back to email. And on it goes…

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