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Bet and Joe had been working on Mummy’s gift for weeks. Daddy leant them tools and Mr Giles from the allotment drew the plan. Today would be the big reveal, both of them were excited at the prospect.

Mummy loved Autumn which was good being as her birthay fell on the third of October. She loved her garden but spent this summer in hospital so her birthday needed to be perfect.

Dressed in their best clothes with a picnic spread in the garden, the children called on Mr Giles to help them bring it. “Surprise Mummy it’s an insect home.”

Below is a link to make your own insect home. Like Bet and Joe you too could build a surprise.


Let me know if you built or made a gift for someone when you were a child and was it a success?

Mummy’s Birthday.

55 thoughts on “Mummy’s Birthday.

    1. Thank you for this Esme, >scratches head < I posted this two years ago … I think a Halloween gremlin has been up to no good?? 😱 🀑 🀯


  1. Ellen, what a beautiful story of family love. I liked the excitement of the children as they couldn’t wait to show Mommy her surprise gift. I have no doubt that this birthday will be a very special one for her and I hope it will help to bring a speedy recovery.


  2. I had a very similar present years back, and mothers day has been a time for refreshing and renewing the same bed ever since.
    This made me think of good advice i received from an experienced mom, when I had my first baby: buy a bud vase. It will be perfect for all the single flowers your kids will be inspired to pick for you. Still have it, after many years of use and many, many fond memories.

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  3. Delightful is the word that comes to
    And have heard of building birdhouses and toolkit’s – but the insect base – nice idea – and I did imagine insects in there too –
    Funny how curious this photo is – I can see why R chose it

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    1. Some had less obvious stories but they worked really well. I kept simple as the story was more about the love of a family nonetheless. I have both bird houses and insect ones, bee boxes and a tree creeper box. But nothing as big as in the picture.

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      1. So is that what this photo is really about? A homemade insect house 🐜 🐞 πŸ•·?
        I need to ask Sandra
        And regarding stories – oh I love the direct and obvious stories many times – because it can be delightful and points made and not overdone with the author’s essence and various points delivered with ease (and the reader goes one their way as if with a nice steak) and then maybe some stories are complex like seasoned culinary work- but always nice to have variety and is another reason why I love the FF writers

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          1. I have only had one time of being able to get to all the entries – and that was a blast and I was the better – because we so well
            Know that all that reading enriches us and is also about giving back – but so win win.
            Anyhow – wish I could read them all – trying to get to a few more now and happy to connect with you this time around – peace

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  4. I like the way you use a simple story about a birthday present to tell a bigger story about how love holds families together, even through prolonged, serious illness. I hope Mummy is properly better now.

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  5. Hi, Ellen Love, this and a huge thank you for sharing your post at Senior Salon. Hopefully, you will return weekly and share more of your posts with us and also let your followers know and then they can also come and also participate

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    1. Haha, we picked heads off all the roses; left them to ferment in jam jars in the shed, they stank so we added water and a few more weeks. I sieved and bottled it, gave it to Mum for Mothers day. We still laugh now when we remember how awful it was.


    1. First thanks for reading Kelvin, secondly, yes i am learning to cope with the condition good days I write and when there are rubbish ones I rest and overcome. X so nice of you to remember and ask.

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    1. Haaaahaha! An insect home would have been far more her thing, pollinating, aphid control etcetera … etcetera. Maybe you should make one to replace the broken fish … 😲


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