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“Post my letter” Mother called after me. Stamping my feet with slumped shoulders I went back in the kitchen. “Give it me then, quick! you know I hate being late.” I snatched it from her hand and slammed the door. I lifted my arm pushed back the sleeve, my trusty Timex startled me.”Rob, can I bag a leg on your crossbar?” I yelled. He was a bit fly was Rob but with my prim plait, flat chest and tough shoes he was hardly seeing me as a girl; one of the lads that’s me. I closed my eyes and hung on as he weaved through the traffic; my lady parts bruised with each bump. Rob stuck the vee’s up to Mr.Light the Maths teacher as he passed in a rusted Vauxhall Viva. Embarrassed I try to hide my face in Rob’s back. So relieved I was to jump off; in front of the corner shop … Not quite like in the movies.


Rob ruffled my crooked fringe, “Maths homework … you owe me.” He called as I hobbled away tidying my fringe. Waving as he wheelied off, I rub my shoe on the back of my sock to try to rid it of oil. Letter posted and Parma violets purchased I made it to class in good time. At lunch break, I would go to the phone box to phone Mum, make amends for being grumpy; I wasn’t late after all.

Mr. Wright called me over. “Cheshire,” He called. “That lad, he is a little rough … around the edges.” He stumbled his words awkwardly, “your parents, they would be displeased at you … marauding around on his crossbar. Take heed, he will end up in Borstal if he’s not careful.”

I knew he was right, they would give me chores for a month if they knew. “Sorry Sir, I didn’t want to be late.” My cheeks and neck grew warm and I just know I was scarlet. He gave me double homework and tapped the side of his nose as he handed it over. That was all I needed what with Robs lot and now this I’d be at it for hours. I sighed, pushed it into my bag and thanked him. Because good girls do not answer back, ride on crossbar’s with reprobates, and expect leniency from the teacher who received the Vee sign.

Mother, wearing her furious face; stood cross armed at the door. “To your room young lady, post-haste!” I should have guessed he would tell; all teachers are monsters but none more than Mr.Right.

Did you do something foolish that bit you back? Do tell I am waiting with Bated breath.

P.S. I love and respect teachers, this is a work of fiction, or as Mother would say damn lies. *gulp*

All Teachers are Monsters.

39 thoughts on “All Teachers are Monsters.

  1. I only had one bad teacher that I can remember – she was my third grade teacher (I was 8yrs. old). I don’t think she smiled once that entire year. Back then I was extremely shy and I still managed to get in trouble almost every day. Some days I didn’t know what I did wrong. It’s a good thing she retired soon after I went onto the 4th grade. Great story, Ellen!

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    1. That is sad. I had one that I wished I hadn’t but mostly they inspired. This is a story.a ficticious one but one I was motivated to write by an overheard snippet of conversation.

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  2. Love the idea behind this piece. Definitely had my favourite and not so favourite teacher while in school. Safe to say ‘monster’ is a not so mean word to describe some. The harder the lesson or impromptu tests, the worse the names got. Lovely read

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  3. Nice read Ellen…..reminds me of the old school days……my experience had been with the so called monsters and also the good ones…..but the lessons were priceless….

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      1. Oh! I keep forgetting that you’re, like, a zillion years younger than me. We used to take old playing cards and attach them, one by one, to our bike wheel spokes with clothespins. When you did this, and peddled your bike, the rotation of the bike wheel would cause each card to strike ‘just so’ and make a very satisfying percusive whirring sound. We’d pretend we were on motorcycles!

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  4. Very good Ellen. Monsters are a perception thing here. Teachers will say not, pupils will say yes….well some will lol. Back in the day things might have been double ogre too. Teacher telling you off is one thing, to find parents being told another. Parma violets…was that a secret date stamp or can you still get them??

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  5. I worked in the teaching profession for many years, and I can verify the fact that there are teachers who are monsters…but not all of them, thank goodness, :-).

    Your story is so well done. I like the fast pace and the really wonderful characterization. You definitely got the ol foggy teacher down pat! Good work!

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