I have always thought …
We may have a bad day. We may have no ideas. Blank unforgiving spaces between our writer’s ears.

Maybe we are feeling low, With life to do and places to go.
So we put it off … penning I mean.
We procrastinate and are not so keen.

When we give ourselves a shake,
Stop feeling lazy; checkout of our writing break.
Pick up a pen and start again. It’s not a bore or some godless chore.

It is a gift, a time to live and work in fantasy.
For most, it would feel like ecstasy.
How many others wish they could too … if the shoe was theirs; instead of worn by you.

Writers Block … is it just a phrase?
to disguise the days we chose to Laze.

Pictures by way of Pixabay.

What do you think?

Is there truth buried in my tongue in cheek?

Or is it a contagion, a nasty communicable disease? I truly want to read your replies c’mon let me have it straight between this writers eyes. 😉😗


Is This A Writer’s Affliction? Or A lack Of Conviction. Writers Block.

25 thoughts on “Is This A Writer’s Affliction? Or A lack Of Conviction. Writers Block.

  1. I am suffering from it today, so nope, it isn’t laziness for sure, I would like to call it the brains vacation for a short period, when it does return, I hope it does with a loud bang.

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    1. I hope you do come screaming from where ever we go when the hand says yes and brain says NO. I am struggling myself at the moment because sometimes life just … gets in the way and stops me. Xxx thanks for taking the time to read and comment, it means a lot.

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      1. Yes that often happens, sometimes we have those blank phases, and then when I face it, I like to focus on something which I know that will trigger my creative side, which kind of helps.
        Don’t worry if nothing is coming forward, you just need a break and then return to it with a fresh mind.

        My pleasure Ellen. I hope everything works out well for you.

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  2. I feel like I’ve been so lazy with my writing lately, but in reality, painting has been taking all of my time – hours per day. I’m almost done with my fifth and final painting in my winter series. Then, writing will once again take the center stage.
    Loved your poem. Xx

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  3. For me I just get busy with life. ( And sometimes I’m lazy) When I do sit down to write though, I always write something….sometimes it’s crap but mostly it’s okay. I’m so damn slow though and this annoys the hell out of me! However, the days when I write nothing at all are the days when I get in bad humour because I wasn’t productive. Today I spent all my time visiting blogs, commenting and sharing. And for that I feel like I’ve accomplished something, so I’m happy. And relaxed!
    I love the way you wrote this Ellen.

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    1. Some have said they have writers block but they are writing on blogs and reading reviews. They are writing! For me block would mean unable to write anything. We maybe get cross because we are frightened to edit incase we spoil our WIP. Thank you for coming today. 😇

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  4. Writer’s block is real, part laziness, part lack of mental activity, part loss of interest….everyone face this and then almost everyone comes out of it….:)…..nice one Ellen..

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  5. Ah that blocky feeling. I doubt it’s laziness more a fear of some kind. Guilt too as there is so much else to do. But it’s shouldn’t ever be a chore or why do it, eh? Nicely done btw…

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  6. That’s a good one, Ellen!
    Human beings are sometimes lazy,
    forgetful, filled with sloth, or hazy…
    They prevaricate,
    forget the date.,
    arrive too late,
    But when their muse is on the ball,
    they’re riding high
    and six feet tall..
    writers can surprise you,
    can lift you high;
    make you cry..
    Awake to magic,
    reach the sky!.
    Not the best, but OK for a quickie… Hugs, Joy xx

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