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Thank you for the prompt photo below Ted Strutz.


We holidayed, near Dijon; in Burgundy. In a Farmhouse with orchards a rambling landscape and numerous trees. After visiting Les Halles for picnic food and Burgundy. We strolled around the grounds; warming our souls in the suns rays. Idyllic and perfect. We came upon a car as if years earlier someone climbed out; never to return. An inspection revealed several old cars, one with a family of Door-mice living in the glove box. On our return, John asked.”Projects are they?” Waving behind himself. With a derisive snort, Pierre answered in a clear authoritative voice. “Projects sir * … Projects abandoned.”


We holiday in beautiful sleepy slow places to chill and capture the moments we sometimes neglect. It refreshes the bond and reminds us how without thought or consideration we too could so easily become project abandoned. Thank you for reading do you think we all should consciously work at connecting with our relationships? Or is it snowflake mentality you’re married so get on with it? let me know in the comments I simply love to chat.


Take Care Not to Become The Next Project Abandoned.#FridayFictioneers

19 thoughts on “Take Care Not to Become The Next Project Abandoned.#FridayFictioneers

  1. I need to pick thy brains Ellen,

    I recall, quiet some time ago, you shared a lovely blog link, which was amongst your favourite blogs. However I had started following it, but sadly when I tried to search for it on my followers list, I couldn’t find his blog.

    Sorry to go off topic but I hope you can remember his blog.

    Thank you for the lovely shared and a very unique take on a prompt I must say.

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  2. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of “beautiful sleepy slow places” and capturing “the moments we sometimes neglect”.

    I also think there’s an inherent beauty in seeing abandoned projects being reclaimed by nature. I wonder whether what type of car you nest in is status symbol among door-mice.

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    1. Nice to dip my toe back in the water. Life sometimes comes to bite you but I am getting back. I have enjoyed some lovely reads with your group today; you have a talented bunch of writers. Thank you for reading mine Rochelle.


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