Time never holds its breath When you can’t catch yours.

The sun does not forget to rise,

from behind closed doors.

Strength will appear from nowhere,

It slips beneath a storm filled cloud.

Allowing you to breathe in its beauty,

And hear nature sigh out aloud.

Our world continues turning,

Despite sadness in our eyes.

Or the sound of the earth failing,

The throbbing beat of babies cries.

Our Earth begins to rumble,

Beneath the seafloor.

For the Wildlife, there is no saving,

Sea creatures have long gone,

Except for the cries of number 52

As he sings his lonely song.

When our world is bare and barren,

Can no longer deliver what we need.

Too late they see the destruction,

As floods drown out the last seed.

To hear the facts of no.52 press here Every day I become more fearful for our world if only each of us took it upon ourselves to change one thing … we could prevent my words from coming true. ” What could or do you do to help?” Leave me your thoughts, I love to chat. 😇

Our lonely planet Is left with the worlds Lonliest Whale, singing forlornly in the incorrect Hertz

13 thoughts on “Our lonely planet Is left with the worlds Lonliest Whale, singing forlornly in the incorrect Hertz

  1. A beautiful and sad poem, Ellen. I pester my congressmen, but more than that, I try to do my best to reduce my own footprint and garbage. If we each did that, we wouldn’t need to rely on politicians to do the right thing. I worry for the animals that will die before we get our acts together, if we ever do.

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  2. Brilliant poem Ellen.
    As with most things a gradual change will be more effect and sustainable.
    For example if we continue to recycle or preferably reuse, hopefully, more people will find new ways to recycle/ reuse those materials instead of dumping rubbish in a 3rd world country and saying the “stuff” has been recycled.

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    1. Oh Suzanne I am with you, buy without bags cloth bags can be made with old t-shirts jumpers etc. I am no good at craft but even I can do that .. say no to plastic, and no to more trees cut down for new packaging. Recycle paper and card. Buy second hand clothes (not underwear yuk) keep less, minimalise your home fill the charity shops instead. Put a jumper on not a heater. We can all do these things. Thank you for commenting. 💚


    1. Off to Google! Mr Google comes in handy I have to say. Thank you roberta, I seem to be struggling with the new wordpress editor and wifi today but I got it out.


  3. Excellent poem – the title alone is fantastic, but the cutting fear of a crap future is apparent throughout the poem.
    I think the most viable strategy to avoid doom is to change what we, as consumers, expect from industry. If we keep buying gas vehicles and don’t demand something new (electric can’t, in its current form, succeed), car companies will keep making gas cars. Demanding better, greener products is about the best we can do.

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