The last Sunday before Christmas and as you can see the word is Guidance. Actually, this is my first foray in to the daily prompt site. Any of you readers, story tellers or bloggers can join in … by pressing ➡ Here! ⬅.

This year, the spirit of Christmas has been aloof. On Friday, yes 22nd December. I finally made an attempt to decorate for the festivities. Random visitors, maybe popping over to see us during the time between 22nd and 2nd of January we need to be welcoming, and have made the effort.
This year, there is no formal gathering of the clans. No, ‘Our Christmas.’ No magnificent meal for 21, including seven Grand children aged between nine months and fourteen years and two dogs. No wild inappropriate jokes to laugh at, and no story telling or present gifting to the Grandchildren under our roof … next to our tree. All of which we love doing and having; as we did last year. But this year, we are at the youngest daughters for Christmas lunch, at the eldest daughters for New years eve. All gifting will happen on doorsteps Christmas eve, but we won’t get to see the opening, the bright eyes, the ohhhs and ahhs of excitement only found at the point of the opening. Unfortunately, we only fit that amount of excitement, chairs tables and laughterand food , in our house … on a seperate day, ‘Our Christmas.’

Families, often have absent Mothers or Fathers, in-laws, step sisters and brothers. Extra Grandparents, uncles, Aunts and pets. They all are missed by someone … if away from home. It is just the way life is. To accommodate all, under one roof at the same time is nigh on impossible. Though we try, we invairiably miss out someone, an ex Husband that you cannot bring yourself to even pretend for a day to want under your roof, or a miserable Aunt, or the nephew that gets raucous after a tott or two … and has been known to moon at the people passing by the window, who unsuspectantly get a shock going home from church. Morbid Malcom, who wishes his time had passed, and voices such, every fiftythree minutes; once fuelled with Sandyman’s Port, or Harveys Bristol Cream..

It would be unkind to want everyone to fit in with us. Not every year. When have what we call ‘our Christmas’ which is at a date somewhere between 25th Dec and 7th January. Depending on when we can get most people to be … at the same place and same time. Most of the food (prepped by me) is cooked by ‘The Husband’ who stubbornly refuses assistance, until clearing up time at least. As you may realise by now, we are missing it, before we would have had it. I wish I had seeked out some guidance before saying “Not this year.” Truth be told we have both had obstacles during the year, and I felt, it would be too much, both for him, and me.

So up went the tree, cards were written, parcels purchased and wrapped, all in four days. I will bake a special cake for the four Grandchildren at our eldest sons house and deliver cake and gifts Tuesday morning. Christmas day’s desert I will bake on Tuesday evening, while ‘The Husband’ delivers gifts to the youngest son’s home and two more Grandchildren. Christmas will be on time, with nobody missed. All will be wonderful, in it’s special Christmas day slot, this time with our youngest Grandson George; seeing his first Christmas day.

Let us hope for a healthy New Year. Maybe, just maybe, I should have listened to my own guidance. Another year we will accept the help of everyone. It would be better than not have one at all. We, after all, can only do it as long as we are still here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Have a cool yule Solstice, Enjoy your festival of light and Hanukkah. Any other beliefs I have missed out please forgive me, and please, have a peaceful new year.

What do you do for Christmas? Let me know in the comments. 🎄🎅🧚‍♀️

My response to The Word of the Day #Guidance.

31 thoughts on “My response to The Word of the Day #Guidance.

  1. Hi Ellen, Your Christmases sound great fun as you have such a large family! Naturally, as we age (don’t think bananas…) and time passes, things naturally change. We have three sons – one in Denmark we see every year, two living nearby, here in Spain. Sadly, we have no grand-children but a grand-cat and a grand-dog!! This year, we didn’t cook at all (a first!) Coffee and presents with youngest son and the middle one cooked us a Christmas dinner, which was most enjoyable. Here’s to happy families…Hugs xx

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  2. A quiet Christmas sounds just as I want it, but I understand your sadness at wanting all of your family together but not having it this year. I didn’t see my parents or sister over Christmas and won’t be seeing them for new year’s either. That’s sad but it’s for the better. I saw my in-laws instead.

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    1. Yes, the movement if lives makes bigger families and we teach our children independence as we were taught. Then silly foolish Mums wish to have them around at celebration dates. My silly.but we had a nice Christmas. Thank you.

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  3. It sounds like an amazing Christmas. We were a bit late setting up this year too. Mostly because we had this great idea to find the perfect real Christmas tree but that did not happen haha. We spend our Christmas at home with just the five of us. it is nice and relaxing. We open gifts and snack on the food I prepared in the days prior to Christmas. It’s just us and it is perfect to me.

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    1. Jenn good to virtually meet you here, it is silly because we try to have perfection and it isn’t a destination. Our version …It is only inside our heads. We had a good Christmas and shall have a good new year. After all if we wake up over sixty we are on a winning streak. Haaha!


  4. Seems as the kids grow up and start their lives and the grandbabies get older we can no longer all get together. It’s sad but what can you do? I guess it comes to the point where it’s just you and your husband like it was in the beginning before any kids or grandbabies came along. Wishing you a happy day and a wonderful new year!!

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  5. A quiet Christmas, just us and the dog, exactly how we like it. We’ve given pressies where necessary, sent out and hand delivered loads of cards, and can now look forward to a lazy (ish) day and a good meal. All being well and the weather is kind, we shall walk along the prom and through the park. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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  6. Well we are as usual on our own for Christmas. Our son 200 miles away visits his inlaws for their day, about a week before. His mother Christmas day. They visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Us, no. If we could afford a flight to Vermont, we would be interrupting their plans. So we stay alone with Tilly dog. Our love for each other and quiet happiness will suffice. After 22 years I guess we’ve got used to a quick call. We know they have a wonderful time our grands are very happy with our mailed gifts to them. We will as always be just fine, a little lonely but fine.

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  7. This year it will just be my husband and me for Christmas. We’ve sent all the gifts across many miles, and we’ll call the kids and their families on Christmas Day. I was so down until a few days ago. It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine, and hope that next year will be filled with family at Christmas.

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  8. Hi Ellen, let’s try that again. Merry Christmas! This year is different for us, we normally have a house full but this time we have number one and number two son visiting for dinner, number two son has to be at work by 2pm so early dinner! Number two son is staying overnight. In the afternoon we had invited friends to ours, but just yesterday they have ask us to go to them so we will and it’s walkable which will please number one son and hubby. Boxing Day we are all going to number three son and his family, our two lovely grandsons, number two son will join us but will have to leave for work at 2pm again. Mother in law is not joining us this year due to her preferring to go to her favourite sons for the two days. It should be relaxing I hope . Have fun and here is to a healthy 2020.

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  9. I am hearing what you are saying. I have thanksgiving every year at my house. About 20 ish, every year including dogs, bother’s girlfriend’s daughter’s parents, steps, step’s BF, high maintenance mom. You get the picture. All while I cook thanksgiving dinner for them all. But, there will come a year this does not happen. Will I miss it?

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  10. Merry Christmas. I’m having a quiet Christmas at home. With everyone heading to family Christmas day. I treat the whole month of December as my holiday. Brunch, crafts (at a pub), music anything that catches our eye. So if quiet Christmas Day I’m good as the month has been merry.

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