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“Quiet!” shouted Miss Brooks, “Okay Girls, hands up if you think you’re the weaker sex.” Shouts, and stomping shoes echo. Her voice raised, her palm hit the desk. A puddle formed in her eye, she grabbed her hands rubbing vigorously, as a drip plopped against her lip. Her tongue, snatched it away unseen, while she counted raised hands.”Please miss,” eyes swivel, and I colour. “I think it depends if they smack the desk harder than you.” The noise level climbed. “It isn’t gender or braun that predicts strength, but Emotional intelligence Miss, females win that every time.”

tough one this week, the lone voice stood up for what she believes is right. Do you think the question should even be asked? Have you ever spoke up, voiced your opinion? Answers in the comments i can’t wait to reply.

A little classroom Protest.

30 thoughts on “A little classroom Protest.

  1. Weaker and stronger are relative terms. Both are up to one’s definition. To call either gender stronger or weaker, regardless of definition, is a generalization. Unfortunately, we generalize and categorized far too often, which strips us of our individuality and weakens us all.

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    1. Yes, there are measured toleration’s if pain. Also the weights and stature of sexes differ, so does willpower. The gender, in my view can never be an accurate measure of anything other than testosterone levels. We need to pick wisely our points … before protesting. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  2. We come from a place of vulnerability when we speak as that lone voice and yet the more we do it the more we realize that we are actually speaking from our center of power. A thought-provoking flash. Well done, Ellen.

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    1. Thanks Charli, it is strange how we often only protest when we are older and wiser. I only protested on paper in story form when young. I think, until strength of character and self confidence is in place many of us hide.


  3. Such a powerful story! Beautifully written and it touched my soul. As a little girl, there were times when I was made to feel weaker than the other gender. Many a time I didn’t bother but now that I look back, I feel I should have stood up and raised my voice! Great read.

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    1. It seems easier to raise your head above the crowd with experience/age. When young, I was never the confident one my protests were in form of a story, I wrote my fears and thoughts.


  4. Well I was the kid who would say. Stupid question! You are as strong as you believe. Boy did I believe. Got me in trouble a lot of times.

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  5. Hi, Ellen. This comment is not going to be “gushy”, even for an American. As you so often do with your writings, you have made me reflect and remember. I speak not from a point of view of gender, but of human experience… observing my own mother’s trials and challenges and will to survive…
    From my observation of the women who have graced my life, they are all strong individuals. My mother, perhaps the strongest person I have known. She survived severe domestic abuse, being forcibly driven from her home at gunpoint, abandoned on the streets with two young children, working two and three jobs to make ends meet… and much more.
    There were issues of emotional child abuse that were aimed at me by her and my father… and others. But, in looking back, I think that I better understand the overwhelming stress that my mother suffered that led to that behavior. I don’t know that she needs my forgiveness. Would I have been any different in her shoes? Perhaps I would have been worse…
    Many women are survivors… and more, they thrive. That gives me pause to think about the examples of their lives.
    I won’t even go into the experience of being present at the birth of my son. … Weaker sex? I don’t think so.
    Indeed, I have great respect for the women who have graced my life. I owe them a debt that cannot be repaid.
    Thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts and creative writings. I appreciate them without limit.
    Have a great day. ~ John F.

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    1. No it does not. But strength has too long been defined by a size, musculature or height. I am the strongest person I know. And I stand at four foot eleven and under ten stone. But strong willed I won’t backdown from bigotry, bullying or injustice.

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  6. Love this, Ellen! I thought about school too, with my response!
    I’m always putting my opinion across. I think that’s our fundamental right!
    And it is interesting to pose the question, because it’s a way to broach the subject and tackle preconceptions!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and taking the time. I think speaking up, (for ourselves) is somehow more controlled … than speaking out. Yes it is our right to ask and reply, but I wondered if that particular question, was still relevant. 😇

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