Picture Prompt, copyright belongs to Roger Bultot

Graffiti covered barred windows held back his fears. His pantry stuffed to the brim. Melons, grapes, mangos, legumes … the list goes on. It began with Brexit.
The worry burrowed like a disease in his brain. He became panicked at the thoughts that filled his head; day and night. Not sleeping, it stole any semblance of rational

Family, neighbours, friends all tried, but still he hoarded all the things he could not grow. Convinced that only chlorinated Chicken and produce laced with corn syrup and squeezy cheese would be on the shelves after Brexit. Resulting in a slowly fermenting unappetizing  soup.

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt   press to join in.

Fears and Parinoia

28 thoughts on “Fears and Parinoia

      1. Yes it is awful for you all. We have less for now, but they say … stay in self isolate if you have flu symptoms, but not testing those … we do not know how many are untested. I think it will get worse before it begins to recede. Xx you be safe.

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    1. What is not there to see, is speculated upon. The outcome is extreem for the gullible, the damaged or simply uneducated. Fake news spreads like an epidemic.


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