Keeping My Sanity And Other Good Things.
Thank you Dan Antion for finding the credit for this picture.

While our country tries to do this a different way (herd mentality). By hiding away the most vulnerable and letting the fittest go about their business. In hopes that they catch a mild dose, and recover. This will build some immunity, weaken the virus and hopefully we will have fewer deaths.

My oppinion is just that; my personal observations. Nothing, others have done so far has stopped it excelling or slowed the deaths, so someone needs to try a different route. Rather than criticising Boris and the science, I can at least see the reason for trying, after-all we are all blind, nobody has inside information, it is all trial and error. That’s out of the way now, how to do it!

We, the Husband and I have not stockpiled spaghetti, or even purchased an extra toilet roll. I refuse to be part of all the madness. If It is my turn to go … I will go while being me. Not a character from some apoplectic bad B movie stealing from the mouths of great-grandmothers. We, after all, have facilities better than they had (see below).

Grandmas dunny

Worst case scenario we die, best case we have a quiet time until the sunshines and I arrive in a bikini ready body. All because, I did not stuff myself with contraban and I hopefully have Kondoed the whole house. I would have scrubbed and spring cleaned every inch. caught up on my reading list. Spent time on my Dream author course and finished editing the next best seller and booker prize winner.

Stand out from the crowd!

I know, I could slob on the couch, eating, moaning and watching box sets. But who wants to go out of this world being that person? What a chance we have, to get given some unexpected free time. Let’s make the most of it, read to your partner, give each other back massages, tell filthy stories or make new ones. If you are on your own, indulge in pampering your skin, make things, read or watch or write beautiful stories. Challenge yourself to learning a new skill. Walk around in a moisturising face mask and one for your hair. Sing and dance to your favourite music. We can make the best of the weirdness that began in 2020. Be kind, be safe and find some goodness inside it all. Life is too wonderful to not. Xxx

What do you hope to get from your time at home? How will you cope? Leave me a comment.

40 thoughts on “Keeping My Sanity And Other Good Things.

  1. Hi Ellen – we’re locked down here in Australia too – they’ve even stopped us crossing “zones” so visiting my children and grandgirls is off the list for now. I read so many others saying they’re anxious, or they’re angry, or bored. I’m none of those things – I’m happy in my home, safe with my husband and cats, blessed to have enough (without having fought for the last toilet roll or fought off a granny for a shopping trolley). I was disappointed by the greed and selfishness I saw on the news, but also gladdened by the kindness and generosity that was everywhere too.

    We still get out for a walk every day – there are teddy bears in windows to “hunt” and rainbows and Easter bunnies on display everywhere. Life in a pandemic is so much better if you choose your attitude and show grace and serenity.

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    1. You are doing good, i am reading to my granddaughters on a voice recorder on my phone, the funniest uplifting tales I can find, sending jokes and riddles by text to 12 and 13 yr old grandsons, skypeing songs and nursery rhymes to our George the one year-old youngest of the bunch. Trying to do my bit. In turn lifting me from potential duvet days. Stay in, be strict, and survive x

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  2. Hi Ellen, I think Boris has done the right thing from an economic point of view. Our government has shut the entire economy down barring a few essential services and we shall emerge with no business left but millions of starving and jobless people. STay well and safe.

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    1. Thank you it is already showing here, that there is plenty for all if you just buy necessities. Plan as if you will get it. Have paracetamol (tylenol) Vicks vapour- rub, soup, and bars of soap in the home, get inhalers filled or replaced (if you use them) emergency supplies in a box will give you comfort and make anxiety levels drop. Then hunker down as if it is the best time, free time you get to have an indoor holiday, play games dance like you have not a care. Limit your house to only one trusted news program a day. No need for overload. You really have this in the bag as long as you can make it fun. Xxx

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  3. It is so refreshing to read something positive. Our lives have not changed much. Loo paper we don’t need to hoard that, I’m sure everyone has a face cloth or old cut up towel.
    Can’t get chicken here in America. Why? I don’t know. Were seeing parents out walking children we never knew they had. Maybe something good will come of this, like parents parenting. Learning its not a bad thing staying home for weekends.
    About time the false hugs, and pretend kisses were a thing of the past. Maybe we will be better people able to live without having to need the best of everything to feel validated.

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    1. What a lovely comment, I hope the same for the world over. Time we loved authentically. Be the best people we can be. We have no chicken either? I have a shower if all else fails I can still be clean. X


    1. Mothers day through the window was tough, and beautiful at the same time. I will do a post once I can find a way to make the vidio I took upload. But we are sitting tight waiting for it to pass us by. X

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    1. If it was the plague I would survive, people with my genetic disorder were survivors back then, but it was not viral. This is an unknown quantity. You be strong for those that can’t.


  4. Your positive thinking is the best way, Ellen. Spot on. Here in Spain, we are not allowed to walk the streets without a definite aim (shopping/working/dog walking/Farmacia.) Fines are in place too! ALL cafes and restaurants, markets etc., are closed, supermarkets and food shops open. Needing fresh sir, but having no dog, I did some needy pruning in the garden. Plenty to read and write (last part of a book to finish writing too) Keep safe. Best wishes. x

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  5. All good ideas. I homeschool my children here in the US so we are just doing school work, packing to move to a new house at the end of the month (so far as it is planned now) and writing a couple novels and a novella. And of course reading! I’m on a news break for a couple days but then I plan to read more about Boris’ plan. I understand the idea behind it from what you’ve said here a little more than I did before. Interesting.

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  6. You lifted my spirits right up there. Your opinion nearly mirrors my thoughts regarding Covid 19. People are still dying from traffic hoohas, murder, cancer. Maybe we should be looking to cure those things. A virus lasts a few days. Better to have immunity that our bodies naturally cope with. Ellen again, you woke my brain up. Thanks for that.

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  7. Well, as somebody who is at home most of the time anyway, little (I think) will change for me. I do wonder how we’re supposed to walk the dogs if our government says we have to stay home (except when buying food or medical supplies). I guess I could take the dogs for a walk then, but those kinds of stores don’t allow pets in. After all, they still need their walks and exercise. Fortunately, we live just outside the city, so it’s relatively quiet here (until the Easter holidays).

    Enjoy the different way of life we’ll all be experiencing soon, Ellen.

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    1. I think, walks at night, with a torch and your partner, when all is quiet and good. Though the garden if you have one is quite sufficient alongside nose games, hunt the treat etc. But we probably will not be within three feet of anyone at night …

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      1. Nighttime walking sounds great. Just letting them in the garden would not work, although maybe hunt the toilet-roll would be a great game to play? They need plenty of exercise. I’m sure we’ll cope.

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  8. You’re right … in theory. In fact though, most people – my case – would like oodles of more years to enjoy, to write, to kondo, to … everything. And do stock up on toilet rolls :=)

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