Twisted sticks and grasses against a pinked Victorian wall.

No words were then needed, its simple shape said it all.

It’s weathered all the seasonal storms bashed against the brick,

Like our lives together, we hang on through thin and thick.

Our hearts won’t be weakened they will stay the test of time,

Joined in our forever, making our own sun, shine.

We are changing the colour of the house, and The husband got to the wall with my homemade heart and noticed, how bits and pieces had fared pretty well during this disheveled year.

Now, I am not a cutty sewy person, and the want to craft passed me by. So for me to put something together that he liked enough to still notice months later, is an exceptional feat. It is also our anniversary soon. These are the reasons for my poetic post. Sometimes it is the triffles that expresses our feelings the loudest.

Have you ever stepped out of the norm? to show how you feel. If so pop it in the comments, I would love to read and reply.

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Valentines 2020 Still giving.

25 thoughts on “Valentines 2020 Still giving.

    1. Luckily, we only need each other to celebrate Valentines day, so lockdown won’t spoil this. I will have to put my thinking cap on soon, if I am to surprise him this year though. 🤞😍


    1. There is a huge difference in what our friends in the U.S.A. believe is cussing and that we in U.K. Think is cussing. It is a veritable minefield. I once was called out for saying a character was no more than a pussy. in England it men’s he is weak, a woosie, but I was lambasted for using it.


  1. You are so lovely, I absolutely love this poem and have re-read it several times. Definitely struck a chord. Your grass heart is so sweet and well put together to have lasted. The only thing slightly comparable was when I laid out our initials with rocks in the sand on the local beach here a few months back.

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  2. Such a lovely sentiment to your marriage. I absolutely adore the grass heart.
    Your poetry is always so sweet, not ever sloppy.
    Thank you for sharing. Xxx8

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