Ellen’s intention is to Persevere.

To make it through this year, as I am determined to do. I will strive to fight. The statement to show how I will get to the final day of this extraordinary year, Is “Ellen, Perseveres.” That is my intention.

Wearing an anti covid-19 mask,

I vow to set myself the task

that each day from now until then.

I will rise above the parapet

and repeat it time and again,

until it rings in my ears

and all can see,

she persevere’s.

The last few months I have folded myself into a the smallest space. Closed my eyes and hid, I have begun to surrender to the empty. I feel me fade away as if a smudged pencil sketch. My shape is real enough, my face still there. The essence of me is fading … it feels like whisps, or steam from a cup of tea on a cold day. Not quite sure you saw it slipping silently away. The person that is left is no longer curious enough to find out. So it will be a case of finding … me.

My intention is to learn something new. Today, I signed up to an online class. Together, we the group, will learn how to write and produce an audio play, with the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. I have also pledged to find myself within the words I write. To see it through, to excel the best way I can. Lock down and health issues have taken their toll, but not any more. Ellen will come through, As I Pledge to persevere.

I want to thank my blogging friend who encouraged me to set an intention and commit to it. https://youcanalwaysstartnow.wordpress.com/2020/09/14/setting-an-intention/

“If you were to chose a word to help you through the last four months, to inspire or motivate what would it be and why?” leave it in the comments I would love to chat.

14 thoughts on “Ellen’s intention is to Persevere.

    1. A fb messenger prompt to remind me to keep persevering would be great, I chose a big one, writing an hour and a half radio play and playing some of the parts … 🙄🤔 what have I done 😀


  1. Ellen I love your wonderful post. I am willing you on as always! You’ve been ill been afraid and now you are ready to be counted! I have a song for you

    It’s Brave and that’s what you are! I think I need to use brave too. We’ve had death due to Covid, I have been ill, in and out of hospital since June. Still waiting for an operation. I even had to wear a cholosectomy drain for three months! And it Nearly October and I am still waiting for an operation date. We had family troubles and triumph. Yes let’s be brave 💜💜💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brave is the best word to be, Your troubles will ease as long as we persevere with being brave. X Thank you for sharing Willow you should commit to your word with intention, it is surprisingly reaffirming once you press post. Good luck Willow.


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