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My muse loves to surprise me! She won’t be wrangled or shoved in a slot for my writing needs. It was three in the morning, I was poked from behind closed eyelids, her pencil sharpened to the stabbiest point.

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Did she not hear me say, “I will write from 11/4 three days a week,” I had thought about it long and hard. Once I decided on the most beneficial time I began.

At this point I will admit that since stopping work, I never plan anything but medical appointments, and family visits.  I no longer wear a watch, except for my fitbit, again I admit, I never look at that, except to see if I actually got up from my desk in the last eight hours. I eat when hungry, or when the husband feeds me. I  get up when I need a pee, or the dog squeaks a toy at my feet and presses her nose into my knee.  Oh, and I prefer ‘pantsing’ when I write, which I know,  makes for a much more difficult editing process.

On days that I am unable to write, unwell, preoccupied, fatigued or just not in the space, I read. Scrabble, the word game is also my thing. But even, then my procrastination involves me writing on my blog. So what you have learnt, is that I write to rest, I read and blog and scrabble to procrastinate. There is a theme going here, I am just a wordy bird.

So, lets get back on point.  I made the decision to be,  … more organised. The Husband laughed raucously at that bit. I shaded sections of my spanking new planner, set reminders and post-it notes on the fridge, my phone and laptop. Dog walking poop picking (a fur mummies job) and feeding 6.30 /7.30 bin sorting, (eco freaking the husband calls it). Shower and clean myself and the bathroom and sort the washing and kitchen  by 10.30. Thirty minute catch up with ‘The Husband’ shared kisses and moans, laughter and news, then settle to write.

Well that was the plan. I think that word, … plan is what done it, scuppered the whole thing. 3 am poke poke, my muse awoke. At first, I ignored her mutterings, but she was persistent. It started with faint whispers, ones I had to listen to with great care. The next thing I knew, was that there was absolutely no use in staying in bed.

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So that was that, wrapped in pyjamas with my lucky pen, at my desk my day began. Before I knew it, it was dusk my mind was empty my muse asleep. So you see there is no use planning without the agreement of your muse. Mine refuses to comply or to enter into any discussion. I rise, when I am woke by the mutterings. I sleep when they sleep and then there is life.

Myself, Gardening, … along with my muse.

Are you a planner? or a seat of your pants type of person? Do you have a muse? answer please in the comments. I love to chat.

Tell it to the muse, because she is not listening to me.

19 thoughts on “Tell it to the muse, because she is not listening to me.

  1. I haven’t the time to plan, and my ‘muse’ at 3 a.m. is an eleven-month-old. 🙂 At least you’ve got one prompting your great writing! I listened to your 5 at the Mic on Carrot Ranch!

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    1. Thank you for that, my muse sometimes has the thoughts of an 11 month old.😉 I must go and listen .. watching is the bit that is scary. 🤣 some old woman does the reading 😱😳

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  2. No, I’m not a planner, and nor do I have a ‘muse.’ I write when I feel like it. I don’t force myself to write, although if something in my head says it’s time to write, then I write. If something comes to me, then I’ll sit and write about it, although this only tends to happen in the mornings. Does that make any sense?

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    1. I love when you comment Hugh. 🤗 And yes It does make perfect sense. That niggle that comes to you, that something in your head … is what some call your muse, even if you don’t. Forcing it never works for me either. X Happy writing Hugh.

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  3. A prisoner to your Muse?
    Interesting, If only I. Could pay that much attention.
    If I had a Muse, we would fight all the time.,’ don’t ever tell me what to do”. That’s all that would be heard very loudly. Unlike you sister, I could never listen that’s why I don’t write. Keep on trucking, you are very good.

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  4. I am a seat of my pants writer, but very thrawted! I do have a muse. But I also have a hubby who is a light sleeper who at my slightest of my moves says are you okay, doesn’t want me to get up or even worse joins me….don’t get me wrong while I have been ill for what seems like a whole year, it’s actually ten months he has been a star! Always has been. But he likes things done his way. Lately I am not getting much done. I think he thinks I am going fall apart at the seams….. I will if I done get some space. Sorry this turned into a rant ! Hope you and the muse are well 💜

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    1. Life can be a bugger, as my Dad would say. You will make it and he is maybe a bit too protective; understandably. Things will find a rhythm once the pandemic is less of a worry. X Take care Willow.


  5. Hi Ellen, I hope you and your heath are going well. I am not a pantster as I always have an outline in my head when I start writing. I just write towards my pre-planned ending. I don’t write it down, which is different to other planners. I keep it all in my head but I don’t forget it, all the details are there when I want them. I know I have a very good memory. I couldn’t write for those sorts of hours. Three hours is more or less my maximum. I find writing very tiring.

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    1. When your head does not work with the memory, remembering is illusive. As is planning, when you will forget what you planned, or where you put the plan. X Thanks so much for commenting and asking after me. I breathe so I am … doing fine that is 😁

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