This is a photo of the first present my husband gave me after our wedding. We had been married about eight weeks when he came back from the shops with the groceries a newspaper and a bottle of Fizz.

After he unpacked everything onto the work top he plunged his hand into his trouser pocket and handed me this. Yes a potato, a heart shaped potato and said. “I couldn’t leave it in the greengrocers  once I found it. it just reminded me of you.” We laughed at his words and joked that I looked like a potato, but honestly it was bloody romantic the most romantic my husband could get.

He is not a man of big romantic presentations, he could not gush if he tried. The husband, as I refer to him on my Blog is spontaneous, some might say impulsive, I say he is just simply kind. He said, he did not think a potato could label him romantic. That he would never be accused of being soppy or a sap but this gift though long since gone rotten and recycled to a better place in the compost, will always be first in my memory for the gift that needed no reason. The gift that meant the whole world, it didn’t cost him a penny but took guts to ask for it, and courage to give it to me.

My man has few words of the romantic kind, neither a poem, sonnet or rhyme, would ever pause on his tongue. No love letters will be received but my heart shaped potato is the most significant measure of his love for me.

What a pair.

Have you ever had an extraordinarily odd but perfect gift? Leave your answer in the comments I am dying to see what it is.

The most romantic gestures arrive from the simplest of moments.

31 thoughts on “The most romantic gestures arrive from the simplest of moments.

  1. While I’ve received the odd bouquet, my guy works away from the house 2 weeks out of four, so his romantic gestures for me are filling my gas tank, checking tire pressure and changing the oil as needed. He just wants me safe on the road when he’s not around lol
    A heart shaped potato would be cool though 😜

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  2. “Tomahearts”. One of our first valentine’s together, my husband found a oddly shaped box of chocolates that he felt looked more like a tomahawk than the heart it was supposed to resemble, so he called it a Tomaheart. Now anytime he finds things that resembles “Tomahearts” (rocks, leaves, pieces of trash) he gifts them to me, and I cherish them.

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  3. Hi Ellen, My mind winged back to when we were ‘courting’ (do people court nowadays?!) Three years after we met, my guy turned up at my house with several packages. “The weather’s lovely, I’ve bought a tent and necessities. Let’s go camping!”Camping? Foreign to both…Further investigation revealed a pair of pink, satin-edged `blankets and a wooden fruit bowl and ash.trays (obligatory then…) ‘They were all in a sale! Couldn’t resist,” he said. Ignoring my raised eyebrow, he said ‘We’ll talk later…’ when he said ‘We’ll have to get married. Can’t let them go to waste.`Tee hee. That was a long time ago…Glad we did! xx

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  4. A unique love token to be sure, Ellen! How sweet. While my husband’s no ‘push over…’ he is quite romantic. On the Valentine card he sent me before our marriage in 1953…were the words: “Wot you doing tomorrow then?!” The next day was our wedding day: 15th February! Humour has been our ‘marriage glue!! He’s a darling and the kindest man. Aren’t we lucky?! xx

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  5. How sweet! When we were first married around 40 years ago and had no money, I received a pair of axle stands for my birthday. However, my husband did tell me they would enable him to work on my car and therefore I wouldn’t have to pay any garage fees. I’ve had a few poems over the years, but nothing I could repeat.

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  6. Oh my gosh Poopsie, you know real love, silent,strong and forever and ever. Tony brings me things he finds on the streets, an old earring, stones, once a wrought iron coffee table!! Oh and the large metal rooster. Never do I hear”I love you”. But the eyes say it all. Even when I work I think of you. He’s like my personal magpie. As usual your writing puts real feeling into it.xx

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  7. How romantic, Ellen. I’m glad you allowed this token of love to go to the compost rather than have eaten it. I also have a partner who is not romantic. However, it’s the simplest of things like buying me my favourite cake or biscuits that tell me how much he loves me.

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  8. My Hubby has his moments, and after 32 years together, 30 as Mr and Mrs, he can still surprise me. He buys me flowers for no reason, writes endearing messages on greeting cards, but the first gift he ever gave me was a cotton teddy bear he won at the fair. We called him Charlie, and I still have it.
    I found a heart shaped stone on the beach years ago and that is with our shells on the knickknack shelf. Happy memories and a ton of love dwells within.

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  9. Neither is my husband. Not a lot of words or gestures. But that is why he surprised me, even more, when we were picked up by a stretch limousine when we wanted to go for dinner on our 20th anniversary. However, that spontaneous potatoes purchase was very romantic. It showed that you have been on his mind constantly.

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