Baking Her Way To Fame

By pixels

After watching The Great British Bake-Off, Sarah decides to self-tape her efforts to launch a cooking show. The next Nigella, she mused Mary Berry of East Anglia. She planned and tried recipes for days hoping to perfect a bake that would stun and make her go viral on Instagram or Tick-tock. Eventually, Sarah settled on simplicity after all, just how hard can a limoncello cream stuffed choux balls wedding cake, a Croquembouche be.

A new apron couldn’t disguise the abject failure of her bake. She now is a star on tick-tock as ‘The Comedy Baker.”

This was written for Charlie’s 99 word prompt press the 》Link here 《 to join in or read.


17 thoughts on “Baking Her Way To Fame

    1. A whole one? Michael one would have only a few balls on a plate not a whole one 😉 you could make a few choux pastry balls and stuff them with the wonderful lemoncello cream . Yum!🤣


  1. I’ve seen many cooking and baking shows… that stuff isn’t easy at all. I modify boxed cake mixes. But I do make Cannoli from scratch – though not often. Very time consuming 🙂

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