Bathe In History Through this door.

This is for Esme Slabs prompt Through the door press > Join in < to do just that.


This is The Husband and myself wrapped up from the driving wind one March day in Dorset in the UK..

A relitivly short but very steep climb took us to St Catherines Chapel. It is high on a hilltop overlooking Chesil Beach the swannery below and views of the Isle of Portland. The 14th century chapel was built by the monks of nearby Abbotsbury. Today the chapel still sits in isolation. I felt pretty close to God that day. This is a curious little chapel, full of secret ‘knooks’ and ‘wishing holes’ where local women used to pray to St Catherine and ask her to find them a husband. Luckily I did not need her help with that task.

The local parish holds occasional services throughout the year, which are open to the public. The acoustics inside are amazing so accopella voices are the best thing to hear as are the choral voices of Children at Christmas. So going through this door, … delivered atmosphere, surprises and history. #NationalHeritage

Picture on loan from the English Heritage page Here

Press here to Listen and watch


16 thoughts on “Bathe In History Through this door.

  1. Interesting piece of history Ellen. I love visiting old buildings; chapels and monasteries, and castles. My mind wonders about the lives of people way back when these buildings were in their prime. Beautiful scenery too.

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  2. Ok Poopsie. Now I’m feeling homesick and nostalgic. Places like this are what I miss. I like to sit in silence and listen to the voices absorbed in the stones. It’s a very angelic place for sure. You write so perfectly your picture says a thousand words. Excellent. As always.

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  3. Thank you so much Ellen for always participating in our Picture Prompts and sharing your story on Through the door our first prompt for 2022. Thanks again. I have shared on Pinterest and Twitter. Thanks friend

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    1. Thank you for taking time to comment x It is a smashing place to visit too. The quaint village is bursting with art and coffee houses and stone buildings and of course the Swannery.x


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