Thank Goodness all wishes don’t come true. The wish I made #99wordstories


At five I wished on a candle stuck in a little soldiers head, impaled in the icing of a Victoria sponge cake. My wish was sent out to the universe to be granted and promptly forgotten, … as spur of the moment wishes often are.

If I had to guess, I expect it was to be allowed to strip off the icing, to eat it first. If so, it would not have come true. Today, at 64 I send out daily gratitude affermations. I thank the universe for the wonderful life I have now; and of course for saving my teeth.

This is for Charli’s Monday 99 word story prompt, you can read all the collection of stories > here <

P.S. I publish this on my first born’s birthday.

I would love to read your favourite best wish in the comments x


30 thoughts on “Thank Goodness all wishes don’t come true. The wish I made #99wordstories

  1. Happy belated birthday to your first born, how do they grow up so fast? I also give thanks for having my teeth, in my line of work it is definitely a blessing 👄

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  2. What a lovely piece… of cake and flash! You know, I never had a birthday cake as a child. My family was different… let’s say. Anyway, my first birthday cake was made by my step-daughter who make the icing… with sugar, not powdered sugar. We laughed for years over that. What a great memory. ❤

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  3. That is an interesting thought about making a wish on blowing out your birthday candle – I did but also can’t remember a single wish. I wonder if your son will also make a wish. Happy birthday to him. I’m with you on the teeth. You don’t realise when you are younger just what lies ahead.

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    1. My three, all made a blow at the candle every birthday, but ‘shhh! It’s a secret’ was always the response. Maybe they blew with such haste just to get to the icing 😁 we may never know.

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  4. Lovely cake, did you make it? I love icing too and all types royal, butter and soft white …. yum. Happy birthday to your son, my eldest is 48 years….how did that happen too?
    As to wishes sometimes I still wish I could fly 💜

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