The Continuance Of Eleanore.




An arrangement made /  Far too young

For Eleanore’s hand / a marriage plan

Her Pater made the choice /  secretly agreed

An aged Squire / monies sealed the deed.

With land for a voice. /  Eleanore had no choice,

Wardrobe chose, trunk closed./ Her parents she begged,

A luncheon to seal the deal/ they gave her as a chattel.

Diamonds bought success/ Her heart fluttered like a bird.

Without manners or finesse/ Tore away her innocence

Removed the bridal dress/ her cries no longer heard.



My second attempt at writing a Cleve, if unsure of what a Cleave is, or if you would like to read part 1 of Eleanore please click the link.

let me know what you think, or if you have tackled one yourself.

The Arrogance Of Eleanore


Her hair she brushed / one hundred strokes

Until it shone of gold, / having suffered for her beauty.

She tied it with a strand of silk/ Eleanor preened half the night

Creamed her skin with Mother’s milk/ in preparation of her duty.

Her eyes were of the brightest hue/yet a smile false and tight

Not a glimmer of desire /no kindness did it show

As cold as cinder in the fire/as a torch without its amber glow.

Just in case it is new to you : How to read a Cleave. Read it vertically left, or bold in my case, then vertically right, or in italics, finally read the poem horizontally as a whole.

Jane Dougherty posted a poem called a ‘Cleave’ not having heard of a poem which is constructed in two halves but read as three pieces I just had to give it a crack… pardon the pun. Press Here to read Jane’s far superior Cleave and let her know what you think.

“How did I do?”

“Are you familiar with this form?”

Please comment I will respond soonest.

(if any one knows who to credit for this picture please let me know. )