Links to Darla’s Story.

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I am trying my hand at something different, I hope you will join me as I dip my toe into writing humour.
This a fun story of a divorced woman who is giving herself a second Chance. So why not join me as I post episodes about her, in a fly on the wall story, one that sees the trials and tribulations of dating.


. Darla after twenty plus years of marriage is beginning to live again. With the help and sometimes hindrance of her friends, sisters and colleagues. We watch as she reaches out gingerly for her second chance, this time with the lovely Mark. We look on as her insecurities and worries lead her into some embarrasing situations.

Mark is divorced and quite happily living alone. He has numerous friends and acquaintances to spend time with, women to wine and dine without the strings a relationship brings. Until Mark and Darla get together, then things change. Is a relationship what he wants? Can he learn to share his life with one person again? Will he be the one?


Darla’s Second Chance. 1.

Darla’s Second Chance. 2.

Darla’s Second Chance.3.


12 thoughts on “Links to Darla’s Story.

  1. This is a great way to index several linked posts Ellen! I’ve often hesitated to write anything longer than 1000 words because “part II (and III)” might be difficult for the busy blog reader to keep up with. Now I can come back and read each post without having to do a lot of searching. Love it!

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