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Published October 2019.

Three, published stories in a twelve month period, makes me a happy lady. I am thrilled to say I am an Author inside the cover of this book. A link to purchase in the Uk > link <

Stories to unsettle, to thrill and scare. The stuff that could only belong in Nightmareland.

Published February 2019.

I am honoured to have a story included in the centenary year of NARPO. A compilation of short stories from retired Police Officers and or their families. All art work in the book has been produced by children aged 7 /12. The front cover is by Alex Edwards aged twelve. Monies from this publication support the welfare of NARPO members in Suffolk. Published by Lesley Wood.

Published. October 2018.

A wonderful anthology, 34 stories by 27 Authors. I am thrilled to say a flash fiction of mine is included in this book.

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Thank you to all my followers who have been loyal to my blog and continue to read my writing.