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January 2021, A new book, published in Paperback, ebook and Audible, ‘Wings and Fire.’ This the final  story of my making to be included in the box set of Anthologies ‘The Box under the bed.  As I concentrate on my debut novel.  Amongst the pages of Wings and fire my tale sits and waits to strike. ‘The Hum Of The Calliphoridae’ is a fear invoking story of a person working in a hospital morgue during a world wide pandemic. What was it that was seen, what sound signalled the end of all normality? What brought such gut wrenching fear, that threatened both  life and the future of all human existence? Buy the book here to find the answers.

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Published October 2019.

Three, published stories in a twelve month period, makes me a happy lady. I am thrilled to say I am an Author inside the cover of this book. A link to purchase in the Uk > link <

Stories to unsettle, to thrill and scare. The stuff that could only belong in Nightmareland.

Published February 2019.

I am honoured to have a story included in the centenary year of NARPO. A compilation of short stories from retired Police Officers and or their families. All art work in the book has been produced by children aged 7 /12. The front cover is by Alex Edwards aged twelve. Monies from this publication support the welfare of NARPO members in Suffolk. Published by Lesley Wood.

Published. October 2018.

A wonderful anthology, 34 stories by 27 Authors. I am thrilled to say a flash fiction of mine is included in this book.

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Thank you to all my followers who have been loyal to my blog and continue to read my writing.