Thank Goodness all wishes don’t come true. The wish I made #99wordstories


At five I wished on a candle stuck in a little soldiers head, impaled in the icing of a Victoria sponge cake. My wish was sent out to the universe to be granted and promptly forgotten, … as spur of the moment wishes often are.

If I had to guess, I expect it was to be allowed to strip off the icing, to eat it first. If so, it would not have come true. Today, at 64 I send out daily gratitude affermations. I thank the universe for the wonderful life I have now; and of course for saving my teeth.

This is for Charli’s Monday 99 word story prompt, you can read all the collection of stories > here <

P.S. I publish this on my first born’s birthday.

I would love to read your favourite best wish in the comments x