A selfie in a Bauble.

Just this morning I met someone new, not a brand new baby you understand, no a new connection, another Bloggy writing person. Unfortunately  she runs from a blogger site, a very nice site but nonetheless  one that #wordpress doesn’t play nicely with.

Renne Conoulty on  http:// heysaidrenne@blogspot.com.au

Many Author friends use  #blogspot sites and most think I am an uninterested party for I don’t feedback when I have read their books, no comments appear when I comment on their blogs. Now come on #wordpress play nicely, stop stamping your feet and sort this out. There is room enough for everyone. Have you had the same problem? Do you think the same as me? Please leave me your views let us gather together and try and make it change.

P.s. The picture was not credited to anyone that I could find.

Below is the reply to Renee’s Christmas poem I hope the new year brings me a magic wand and lots of cross site playing.

A selfie bauble quite unique,

I try to take one as we speak.

My attempt may not look like me,

As I haven’t put up a christmas tree.

My baubles are glittered and laced with stuff,

You can’t see me for bits of fluff.

So I now leave this wordy place

Having never shown you my face.

Happy New Year Renee.