Come On In Where Scare Awaits. #DarkVisionsHorrorAnthology #Book Tour.

Today, I am reviewing Dark Visions. To set the mood I prepared a spooky scene. *Whispers* Be safe, don’t go into the basement!

Keep the lights on …

*in a rough gravelled voice* Do not Answer the door …

At first glance, Dark Visions appears to be a Halloween anthology but there is so much more to this book than that. With 34 creepy stories under a spookily mysterious cover. Stories that will make wonderful gifts for any avid reader.

The Corner shop By Dan Alatorre. Feel the fog crawl up your back, hear the clop of the hooves, taste and smell the stench of urine from the alleyways. But don’t look away. It is a taste of what this book holds.

The Changeling by Christine Valentor. This one shocks from page one. Her skill to put you in the room is enviable. She writes a tale of foul and grotesque goings-on.

Geoff Le Pard, his writing style is crisp; in the voice of both his stories. What if … What if the words he chose to write came true? His dreams became scenes; in reality. This gripping short story made me scared to go to sleep; my hand trembled to pick up a pen.

It is full of bite-sized; easy to read, but hard to forget stories.

Swimming by Frank Parker.

This Is an intriguing tale written with clarity as much as mystery. Not a traditional horror more psychological. One that tells you just enough to have your mind bothered for hours.

No spoilers here, just a few words leaving the taste of fear coating your tongue. Do not be the one that’s disappointed, buy your copy before it’s too late. What! CAT got yer tongue. Waaahhhaha.

Get your spook on like I did making my pumpkins puke.

Read my debut Story contained inside this horrifying book.

‘The Documentary’

Where Red- riding- hood is more than she seems.

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The Link to purchase Dark Visions is right HERE

Thank you to Anne Marie who can be found Right Here for producing the trailer.

My Super sister Anne Maxwell for painting the best wolf for my own story.

Pixabay for the cat. And myself for the other media.

The Capture Of Ralphie.


“Ralph, Ralphie,”
she called from a faraway place.
As his soul had been captured
In lead and not haste.

Lured was Ralph,
by the scratch of a pen
Captured on parchment,
Seen never again.

Now Ralphie lives
In charcoal and ink
Rolled in a box
Stuffed under the sink.

Whisked away,
his name never spoke
Once long before
he was a laugh and a joke

He lived with a friend
Stole socks from the floor
Dj’d a nightclub
Now never no more.

Ralph got too big for his bone
Now Lynn and Michael
Live all alone
Memories haunt every day
Ralphies fame finally got in the way.

A bit of indulgent whimsy scratched out for a virtual friend.
Ralph is the face of an Indie music promoter he has his own blog, the link and see.
Ralph has a radio station and facebook page. Lynn Gerrard is one of the keepers of Ralph along with her husband Michael Lindley ( i secretly think he is the Djay and promoter). Lynn is a madcap stand up comic, Blogger, poet, Author and playwright who’s books make me laugh, cry and enjoy the madness she evokes. Darkness and Decadance, Musing and Mischief the Grumblings of a Gargoyle.

The poem came about when I thought what may happen if he becomes more famous than Michael or Lynn (as you do) I’d love your comments and let me know if you have a celebrity pet, or know of one. I hope I made you laugh and alerted you to Your first four legged celebrity.