Take the blame you are British!

( Picture from dreamstime.com stock photos )
We, ( the royal one obviously ) blame and punish ourselves constantly , for what? .

A person bangs into the back of my legs with her unweildly shopping trolley, what do I do? Appologise, smile, and limp away. I cross the road at a zebra crossings, dodge the lycra clad helmetted lunatic on a bike as he swerves to miss me. Um…  I am on the crossing, embarassed I shout “sorry” and scuttle to the otherside. A young child of seven or eight, wobbles and looks a funny colour, I lean over to check he is okay; as he vomits on my shoes. An exhausted parent arrives from nowhere and drags him away as she shouts, “It serves you right for interfering”.  Guilt coloured  my cheeks as once again I justify my actions… Why?

Is this a British trait, are we known for taking the blame and being overly appologetic? The examples here have happened, and I could have written more. Is this politeness gone mad? Are we just Pants at standing our ground?  Leave your answers in the comments , I will probably tug my forelock  in thanks, or curtsey… Try responding and see.