Keeping My Sanity And Other Good Things.
Thank you Dan Antion for finding the credit for this picture.

While our country tries to do this a different way (herd mentality). By hiding away the most vulnerable and letting the fittest go about their business. In hopes that they catch a mild dose, and recover. This will build some immunity, weaken the virus and hopefully we will have fewer deaths.

My oppinion is just that; my personal observations. Nothing, others have done so far has stopped it excelling or slowed the deaths, so someone needs to try a different route. Rather than criticising Boris and the science, I can at least see the reason for trying, after-all we are all blind, nobody has inside information, it is all trial and error. That’s out of the way now, how to do it!

We, the Husband and I have not stockpiled spaghetti, or even purchased an extra toilet roll. I refuse to be part of all the madness. If It is my turn to go … I will go while being me. Not a character from some apoplectic bad B movie stealing from the mouths of great-grandmothers. We, after all, have facilities better than they had (see below).

Grandmas dunny

Worst case scenario we die, best case we have a quiet time until the sunshines and I arrive in a bikini ready body. All because, I did not stuff myself with contraban and I hopefully have Kondoed the whole house. I would have scrubbed and spring cleaned every inch. caught up on my reading list. Spent time on my Dream author course and finished editing the next best seller and booker prize winner.

Stand out from the crowd!

I know, I could slob on the couch, eating, moaning and watching box sets. But who wants to go out of this world being that person? What a chance we have, to get given some unexpected free time. Let’s make the most of it, read to your partner, give each other back massages, tell filthy stories or make new ones. If you are on your own, indulge in pampering your skin, make things, read or watch or write beautiful stories. Challenge yourself to learning a new skill. Walk around in a moisturising face mask and one for your hair. Sing and dance to your favourite music. We can make the best of the weirdness that began in 2020. Be kind, be safe and find some goodness inside it all. Life is too wonderful to not. Xxx

What do you hope to get from your time at home? How will you cope? Leave me a comment.

Was He Living A Dream Or Paying For His Stupidity.

Sheets tangled, tightened and stuck to the flesh of his flailing legs. It took, what felt like hours to realise the grating and rasping breath was his. Tom steadied himself, the race of his heart slowed,  eyes screwed as his fists clenched,  he said out loud. “I woke up and realised it had all been a dream.” He voiced that statement, many times over during the coming hour, never making it true; but desperately wanting it to be.

Ping! his eyes opened, he was wired, the squeak of a floorboard, a turn of the handle. Once more his chest pumped his legs violently kicked. Why couldn’t he free his legs? A screech of a rusted hinge, the chaffing of wood; made him still. Play dead, play dead, he mumbled to himself. Kate’s face pushed the door wider, her hands holding a deep tray. Her perfectly straight but yellowed teeth on show. “You’re awake, well that’s good.” She slowly nodded. Her hand swiped items on the dresser with one push to the floor, putting the tray in their place. Tom watched her shaking palms, press into the grubby denim covering her thighs.

“Kate, What? (he stuttered) what the Fuck is happening?” Slowly she raised her eyes.  “Happening? Happening … what, is, happening?” She approached the bed, wide-eyed, sneering. Her mouth smelled sour, her clothes grimy. “Tom, Tom, Tom. Think!” she poked a finger at her own temple. He flinched, snatched his head back and gulped at the stagnant air. Not wanting to make things worse he looked back and forced a smile in her direction, and asked. “I am a bit lost in this, my mind is confused. Please, Kate, why are we here?

“You passed out, on my Nan’s bed. She is not best pleased. In fact, she was gonna call Gramps, until I arrived.” Think yer sen lucky I was about. Now lay still while I takes a closer look.” Kate tugged the damp sheet, untangled it from his calf’s. A sharp suck of air whistled, Tom, lifted his head as his bare belly was exposed. “What a numpty, jeez this is worse than,” …  she stopped mid statement, shook her head. “You are such a prat.”

Tom heaved, the smell of burned flesh and hair filled his nostrils. That was when he caught sight of his abdomen. “N,n,n,n no tell me it’s not true.” He roared. Gramps burst through the door,  face like thunder, his fists as big as young Tom’s head. “Shut yer mouth, you good for nothing clown.” He threw Tom’s shoes and jeans at the white-faced boy, picked up the empty whisky bottle as if to strike him. Kate grabbed her Granddad’s arm and crooned gently in his ear. “S’okay Gramps it’s okay, come, I will sort this, I got this, go sober Nan up, she stroked the old man’s shoulder and she led him from the room.

Kate gave him a few minutes before going back in the room. Tom trembled, sat on the edge of the bed staring down. She put the tray next to him and began to clean the area and cover it the way Nan had shown her so many times before. “You’re a fool Tom.” she cleared the swabs and put the rest of the dressings on the tray. Kate turned at the door, smirked, “you’ll not live that down,” she nodded “there are reasons people retire, and reasons you have to be over 18.” Tom clutched at the Jeans covering his groin, tears threatened, but never fell. The jeers, he knew would come from his pals rang in his head on the walk home.

He carries the tattoo to this day, an exquisite snake, rising up to his belly button, fangs on show. Poor demented Josy had long since gone, but Tom, … well, he wears her last tat. His stupidity stays with him still today?


The story above is a writing exercise from the Dream Author Coaching Programme I am taking part in. To use the statement “I woke up and realised it had all been a dream” within the body of a story. Use it in a way that is refreshing, surprising and or interesting, to delight the reader and not disappoint.

Let me know in the comments if I succeeded or not. I am thick skinned be kind but honest.