He Was A Contradiction.

Your homework will be in on time”crack” it will be neat complete and constructed with … Care! “Crack.” Mr W marched the isles between the rows of quivering twelve year olds. His military stick slapped a desk and made you flinch. Each instruction would be punctuated with the stick against his thigh; as he roared red faced. If he was cross and he often was … spittle sprayed the air around him. A musty smell of damp socks eminated from his clothes. He blew the scent of ‘fisherman’s friend’ which he popped like narcotics; in the faces of those unlucky enough to catch his eye.

Mr.W had to drop his head to get through the door, his crumpled mismatched suit hung from a bony frame; raggy cuffs covered his fingers while his jacket stopped three inches higher.

I had to drag my eyes away from the giant highly polished round toed shoes, I ducked as he passed … we all did. His want for perfection and the highly polished shoes, were in direct contradiction to his gnarly face, wiry messy hair and the scarecrow appearance. He bellowed as the bell sounded end of day. Not a soul moved until he waved the stick to dismiss us. We filed out quietly to his final words, the ones we were used to hearing. “No leeway will be given, get it done … Or Else!”

“Could you feel her fear? Did you have a teacher like Mr.M?” Please leave a comment I will answer soonest.happy weekend 😇