I am the lost face,
just a face in the crowd.
A lonely soul, in a cold space.
Where you Walk and talk.
But rarely see  me.

Stop awhile, talk to me.
Don’t wait by my blanket
With your phone to your ear
Take it away, it’s my pain
that you hear.

The picture was found on pixaby ‘homeless woman’
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Putting yourself in others shoes, is a great way to find inspiration to write. Being empathetic, steping, if only for a moment in to others shoes makes you instantly more aware. But be careful you first have to remove your own shoes…

What outside subjects have you got under the skin of? How have you actually experienced that which you write about? In fact do you need to experience a feeling or a sensation to be able to write a believable account?
Please let me share in your thoughts, leave me a comment if you can. Thank you.