Who Can Hear You

‘Think before you speak’

On a pavement Cafe at the end of the street, two smart men took themselves a seat.

Tristan, he bragged about his car, ‘£48000 look at it gleam, Mercedes coup’e a Successful man’s dream.’

Harry said ‘I worked hard taking overtime when I could. No room for a holiday or even a siesta.’ His £17000 spent on a pepper red fiesta.

They argued together, the for and against,
compared fuel consumption the weaknesses and strengths.

Now, Mary, she sat on the ground by the door

listened to them both open mouthed … in awe.

She sat head bowed by a note that said ‘park’ To remind her to get in her box before dark.

Her mac was large came down to her feet, an excellent choice, when you lived on the street.

for underneath, was all she possesses, two pairs of gloves and four threadbare dresses.

She didn’t speak nor look in their eyes when they lit cigars and binned crusts from their pies.

Silently she sat as they said their goodbyes. Missing the quiver of her lip and the tears in her eyes.

They dropped her a pound and crossed to their cars. She could have been an alien living on Mars.

A lightbulb moment!

Let me know what you think. Would you, in your excitement of the moment have stopped and looked at Mary? I’d like to think I would have taken my discussion inside, thought about how she would feel; overhearing.


New year in London.

I laugh until the air has gone,
And I gasp to draw some in.
Speaking makes me happy,
My smile shines from within.

But tear drops stream shamelessly
On cheeks that are too old,
to bear the sight of homelessness
Among streets paved with gold.

Beneath a worn out blanket,
Grey hair fringed with ice.
She looked up with suspicion
It didn’t feel so nice.

A sad eyed lonely Grandma
out under a winter sky,
without a pot to piss in
Or a friend to hear her cry.

The new year bell was tolling,
party goers walked along
None spared a moment
To hear this woman’s song.


Thank you for the image found unnamed on the internet.