An Old fashioned Story Teller

 In response to a flash fiction prompt by  Charli at the Carrot Ranch. Thank you Charli I hope this is of interest , and for anyone wanting to check Carli’s prompt and rules press the first  blue word. Here  

The photo is from free stock photos

I break the drudgery of shopping, by going to sniff books in the book emporium in  town.Today it was busy with more people than it was made to hold; as I’d had enough of noise, I moved on.

In the library I took my place on the floor and began to read aloud. Parents and children gravitated towards my space, they sat themselves down with children clutched in arms and listened. Once I finished I popped my coat on smiled, nodded and left. My calling found, I will return  there next Tuesday as the old fashioned story teller.