This is a photo of the first present my husband gave me after our wedding. We had been married about eight weeks when he came back from the shops with the groceries a newspaper and a bottle of Fizz.

After he unpacked everything onto the work top he plunged his hand into his trouser pocket and handed me this. Yes a potato, a heart shaped potato and said. “I couldn’t leave it in the greengrocers  once I found it. it just reminded me of you.” We laughed at his words and joked that I looked like a potato, but honestly it was bloody romantic the most romantic my husband could get.

He is not a man of big romantic presentations, he could not gush if he tried. The husband, as I refer to him on my Blog is spontaneous, some might say impulsive, I say he is just simply kind. He said, he did not think a potato could label him romantic. That he would never be accused of being soppy or a sap but this gift though long since gone rotten and recycled to a better place in the compost, will always be first in my memory for the gift that needed no reason. The gift that meant the whole world, it didn’t cost him a penny but took guts to ask for it, and courage to give it to me.

My man has few words of the romantic kind, neither a poem, sonnet or rhyme, would ever pause on his tongue. No love letters will be received but my heart shaped potato is the most significant measure of his love for me.

What a pair.

Have you ever had an extraordinarily odd but perfect gift? Leave your answer in the comments I am dying to see what it is.

The most romantic gestures arrive from the simplest of moments.

#WQWWC The Culprit




“Their Daddy had been away a long time; I remember it well.” As Winifred  recalled, she spoke with clarity her eyes misted over then sparkled as the memories crowded in. I looked at the tall, slim, straight lady who wore her ninety years behind a mask of order and discipline; I was surprised at her gentle voice.
We sat at the table with a tray of tea pouring paraphernalia between us. “I would like to hear” I said as I played Mother with my Mother in law across the damask cloth.

“After his accident it took two years one to recover his health; it was a very bleak time, then another to rehabilitate. We had to fly him home a closer unit was required to… acclimatise.” Stopping to gaze thoughtfully she smiled. “We were made of stronger stuff then. Howard had one leg amputated at the thigh the other was so damaged it was a useless limb full of pain and infection.” She shook her head and tutted.
“They had fitted a tin leg with leather straps which he was trying to use; but it was not easy. Roehampton took him in, they decided he would be bought home one weekend in two as a precursor to returning permanently.” Occasionally she would drift off as if visualising his face. “Our boys were five, they couldn’t remember not really.” Winifred shook her head.

“The day had arrived the boys knew Daddy was coming and I had explained the best one could. It was four o’clock, I recall having just laid the table for tea when the clanging began in fury. They rushed to the window jostling for space with me close behind, flashing lights and that dreadful racket, Howard had arranged it for them with the driver.” She collected the cups, leant on the table, frowned and said. “As I pulled back the nets to look, the Ambulance arrived in the lane.” Then tapping her finger  like quotation marks she raised her voice “There’s the culprit! I said guiding them to look. From that day on an Ambulance became the culprit.” Winifred dropped the dishes into the sink and said.
“Well my girl a little magic sometimes works wonders; after all a culprit is far more interesting than a Daddy.”


Quote by Ellen Best 2016.
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Although you are gone.

Alone I wipe my tears and wonder
Will there be a day I will not cry.
For you’re in every raindrop
That falls down from the sky.

I find you betwixt the pages
of a book we used to share.
In our favorite tea shop
You often took me there.

The fun we once had together
Now my hand you can not clasp.
Illness took you from us
Tore you from our grasp.

Always we’ll remember so
Daddy leave with no regret
For the love that you gave us
It taught us true respect.

A Musical Reminder For A Valentine’s Weekend.

If this is the pain of love does it mean that it will make me sing like this? A fantastic voice and magnificent artistry.
On Valintines weekend we must recognise the pain
Please press the link there is no filth not on my watch, just an over cautious censorship scantily clad couple but no “Bits showing” please enjoy her voice is amazing.
Mix – Paloma Faith:


A match made in eutopia?
Oh my, a Valentines mischeif is afoot.
Please let me know what you think of my song choice
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Sharing Some True Valentine Love


Bertie excited about his valentine date, dresses for the occasion and leaves a token of love on the table.


imageBetty not impressed with Berties gift decides she’d  play hard to get!

Have you ever had cause to feel like Betty?

Are you a Bertie who was penalised when you had  done your best?

Leave your comments let me be your agony aunt.

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All in a lunch stop.


Having a break my best half (pardon the pun) and me, Motorhome travel, the Norfolk coastline, sun, sea, boats and all interspersed  with family visiting.
We had moved on from Wells next the Sea, and pulled over for a stretch and a cup of tea , somewhere near Mumford where a huge wooden Stag stands on the edge of the forests. That was when the  four wheel drive towing a horsebox pulled in.
A crunch of gravel announced their arrival and a lady mirroring our earler stretching  and the sounds that go with it climbed out. She had undone the box door, and as I watched, soothed and stroked the neck of her animal. Alert as i am, I grasped my pencil… “well you just never know” She proceeded to take him out, I presume her thinking was, if I need a stretch then so does he. Hooking the hay net on to the back then tying him up behind the box while she was gently crooning and patting his neck. Now I am very used to being around horse flesh, (my Father was a jockey) the love a child has for her pony, a competitor for their steed, the rider for his mount, they all have strong connections with their animal. But the unadulterated affection was palpable, she could have been feeding her child or presenting her husband with the most delectable of treats.
I being me, wandered over and asked to photograph him, Jill as I now know her name , was happy to chat and spend a few moments with us; not that I gave her much choice. Her self and her Welsh cob Majic were on their way through the forest; to an Arboretum in Norfolk, I learned  that she hadn’t  had him long, and had a task ahead as he wanted to gallop full pelt the moment hooves met grass; so hopefully the forest slowed him down. The whole time we spoke she watched him chew, and when he shook his head and whinnied she told him she was still near. I took several photo’s  but… he was pleased to see me! Or stressed as Jill laughingly said, so I popped on this head shot, and hoped you would like him too.
Just a lunch stop with a little Majic,  we made a friend, and plan to catch up with her next month as she visits her beach hut in Lyme Regis , (25 min from our home) a huge coincidence  in a small world..
People never stop amazing me, I thought my moment watching the love care and compassion, needed to be shared. In a world that is quick to write of hate , conflict and death. “Jill if you’re reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you both and thank you .
Reader, Maybe you have had an unusual unsuspected lunch break and captured a moment, (as long as it’s clean ) share it with me… I’d  love to read it.
P.s.  the cob won’t be accompanying  Jill when we next meet.