My Escape to A New Normal.

It’s now August, and I wonder how you are all faring. It seems that my focus during all this has changed. Writing has been the toughest. Just when I thought writing would fill every day. I took many writing and poetry workshops to try and motivate myself, wake the muse, or improve my skill set.
Like many of you, Netflix came in handy, as have audiobooks with Audible, and Marie Kondo delivered full days of sparking joy (or trying to)as I de-cluttered, sorted drawers and cupboards and drove ‘The Husband’ bonkers. We stayed home. I baked over Zoom and subsequently became more rounded. Literally, from eating homemade bread, cookies, cake and fondants. We gained the obligatory covid-19 pounds. We would clap (make noise) on Thursdays for the health workers, which meant putting clothes on, blowing horns banging pans from behind our gate.

Next the lockdown was learning a new skill. I joined a group called act your age and began learning the writing of Monologues, duologues and radio plays. I embraced it and wrote for the theatre over Zoom. I was invited to read my flash fiction and short stories on an open Mike night in America; from the UK on YouTube. Thanks to Charli at the Carrot ranch. I Loved the way my confidence grew each time I performed. The wordy skills have been quite a success, hearing actors bring my tales alive has been the best … but words are my thing, some would say too easy 🤔 but it is not easy learning a new skill.

This Summer, I have been trying my hand, or tablet, at digital drawing. This one task is a challenge as drawing anything, I find, is impossible 🥺 but it’s all in the learning, not in being perfect at it. I am enjoying how to use a drawing app and produce some naive pictures. I know I am not artistically bent. I will never become a great illustrator. Learning a new skill or trying to wake new synapses in your brain can offer some protection against dementia, so trying anything is a no-brainer; pardon the pun.

Under the mask, pandemic fears still linger. I take tiny steps towards freedom, two forward, four back. I am not mask-less yet. Palpitations are a new thing for me when people get too close or group together. My hands tremble, perspiration wells up like tears to an infant. I protest a semblance of sanity as I swear there is a herd of wild horses galloping in my chest. There are days where I stay in my writing uniform (pyjamas) and when being a recluse still feels safe. I am not enjoying the trepidation around me or my lack of confidence in the community. I hope I am not alone in this and that these feelings are how we are to arrive at that place, ‘The New Normal.’ At the end of this pandemic, I want to escape unscathed and just maybe I will have a superpower as a ‘ Survivor of a world Pandemic, stronger, braver and obviously wearing a Cape. I look forward to it all fading into history.

Have you found your way around the new normal? Have you learnt new skills on the way? Let me know in the comments.