Watch “Leonard Cohen recite “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae | Legion Magazine” on YouTube

John McCrae would be moved to hear this read today, and heaven knows them both now. Rest in Peace the Fallen, the tortured, and the maimed. We will remember so it never happens again.

Bristol Cathedral, a lone woman pays respects to the shrouded figures, these  represent the fallen British soldiers, on the first day at the Somme. This installation is by Somerset artist Rob Heard. Photograph by Matt Austin.

An Old fashioned Story Teller

 In response to a flash fiction prompt by  Charli at the Carrot Ranch. Thank you Charli I hope this is of interest , and for anyone wanting to check Carli’s prompt and rules press the first  blue word. Here  

The photo is from free stock photos

I break the drudgery of shopping, by going to sniff books in the book emporium in  town.Today it was busy with more people than it was made to hold; as I’d had enough of noise, I moved on.

In the library I took my place on the floor and began to read aloud. Parents and children gravitated towards my space, they sat themselves down with children clutched in arms and listened. Once I finished I popped my coat on smiled, nodded and left. My calling found, I will return  there next Tuesday as the old fashioned story teller.