The Capture Of Ralphie.


“Ralph, Ralphie,”
she called from a faraway place.
As his soul had been captured
In lead and not haste.

Lured was Ralph,
by the scratch of a pen
Captured on parchment,
Seen never again.

Now Ralphie lives
In charcoal and ink
Rolled in a box
Stuffed under the sink.

Whisked away,
his name never spoke
Once long before
he was a laugh and a joke

He lived with a friend
Stole socks from the floor
Dj’d a nightclub
Now never no more.

Ralph got too big for his bone
Now Lynn and Michael
Live all alone
Memories haunt every day
Ralphies fame finally got in the way.

A bit of indulgent whimsy scratched out for a virtual friend.
Ralph is the face of an Indie music promoter he has his own blog, the link and see.
Ralph has a radio station and facebook page. Lynn Gerrard is one of the keepers of Ralph along with her husband Michael Lindley ( i secretly think he is the Djay and promoter). Lynn is a madcap stand up comic, Blogger, poet, Author and playwright who’s books make me laugh, cry and enjoy the madness she evokes. Darkness and Decadance, Musing and Mischief the Grumblings of a Gargoyle.

The poem came about when I thought what may happen if he becomes more famous than Michael or Lynn (as you do) I’d love your comments and let me know if you have a celebrity pet, or know of one. I hope I made you laugh and alerted you to Your first four legged celebrity.