A picture paints a thousand things.


Bad Gastein Austria
The photo I took last month while in Austria it is proof that an image can evoke a mystery, a story, an emotion. It also is relevant to Hugh on his picture post, click Hugh’s

When I write, I take shapes to make my pictures, Shapes that teachers taught me  to make as a child. I make them with a pen, pencil or electronically produced ink and they form the alphabet. When I put them in to groups or clusters they become words, statements, sentences, paragraphs, which grow into poems, stories, flash fiction, and books. I write imagery, truths bent to reveal stories, adventures from inside my mind, I pen feelings.
Every time I write, my purpose is to reveal a piece of me to the reader. A smidgeon of something; maybe the madness of how my mind works. But for me the main thing I strive for within my writing it to evoke emotion. I don’t care if I make you laugh, or make you cry I just want to move you.
That is the plan, if my words move you in any way let me know, if this is the main reason you write or blog put your words in such a way they make the reader feel.

I look forward to reading. Your replies

P.s. can anyone see the beautiful mountain dragon luring you with her open eye… i am sure she just batted her lashes.


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