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Novel: The Shame ( second draft; under construction)

National Novel Writers Month 2014 Done.


January 2016 A story accepted for publication “A Glimpse Of Me” What a great start to the new year.Published January the sixth 2016.

Press Here  to  read  my story


My story The connection won first prize at the Blog awards held in London. I am thrilled to show my badge, to win with my story and to have met many wonderful Blogger’s and Authors.

writing comp

8 thoughts on “Writing.

  1. Woah! NaNoWriMo conquer — that is quite an achievement. One day I too will claim that victory. One day. Until then though, I’ll start with their poetry challenge and ah.. maybe write more frequently. Your blog is looking pretty snazzy aesthetically speaking and writing wise, I’m enjoying the ride.

    Also, it would be nice to see how the process of editing and rewriting ‘The Shame’ goes for you — keep us updated? 🙂



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