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Novel Draft: The Shame

National Novel Writers Month 2014 Done.

January 2016 A story accepted for publication “A Glimpse Of Me” What a great start to the new year.Published January the sixth 2016 In A Long Story Short.



I am thrilled to have been awarded first place in the Bloggers Bash short story competition 2017. it is

And for the fun of joining in, reading and writing with a whole bunch of unpretentious humans. Winning this award, on two occasions has been great fun. Thank you ChelseaAnn Owens.com visit here to read or join in.


20 thoughts on “Writing.

  1. Ellen, you have such a gift for writing. I’m so terrible at it so I really admire anyone who does it so well like you. I look forward to checking out your novels πŸ™‚

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    1. No,i have not the energy or time this year for Nano, but wish you the best with it … break a nib as probably only I say. 😁 I miss our chats also. Right now it is time to put shape into my novel it deserves to come first. I will be popping by to post and read other blogs often. I wish you the very best and will keep you up to date on Twitter or instagram. X


    1. Thank you Cindy, fingers crossed for the best one … a finished novel on the shelves of libraries and book shops. What we all aim for the elusive publishing contract.


        1. Well done you, my tech skills are awful and stop me from self publishing. But the chances of being accepted by a house are miniscule, so I hope to enter as a novice, my novel in to a competition next year.

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          1. Once you are self-published, no distributor, no matter how good your book is, wants to touch your book. It’s best to try the other route first, them self-publish if it doesn’t work out. My kids helped me with the technical stuff. My book is actually very professional looking. Most people would never know it was self-published.

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  2. Woah! NaNoWriMo conquer — that is quite an achievement. One day I too will claim that victory. One day. Until then though, I’ll start with their poetry challenge and ah.. maybe write more frequently. Your blog is looking pretty snazzy aesthetically speaking and writing wise, I’m enjoying the ride.

    Also, it would be nice to see how the process of editing and rewriting ‘The Shame’ goes for you — keep us updated? πŸ™‚



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