April 2019 Updated.

My name is Ellen Best, I consider myself very fortunate to be married to John, he persuaded me to give up work so I can concentrate on my writing. Interspersed with adventures.

We live in the county of Suffolk, in the UK. Together we laugh, love and travel to far off lands. We welcome friends and family into our home. We have a motor-home for scenic holidays, beach walks, good food, fun and festival going. We share our home and motor-home with Lilly the rescue dog.

Our lives are punctuated with stories, shared with love and washed down with good food and beverages. We like to entertain and have music-filled evenings with new-found friends. Together our adventures keep us young .

The Flint house is our converted Victorian school-house that is getting some serious cosseting; we have been doing it together for two years. This home reeks of history, ‘sniff’ I feel myself channelling wonderful Authors as we speak.

This was the second area sorted, (we had to have a bathroom first) the lath and plaster ceiling in this inner hall was hanging down, there is a mud floor with small red and black beautiful checkerboard tiles; only one of three areas that were original when we moved in in 2017. Though I have an office of sorts, I can often be found with bare feet pressed into the cool floor, or with my bum squished into the twisted stairs; gazing at books. Here I drink in the ambience; pencil, notebook or tablet in hand … channelling Jean Brodie; just as you’d expect.

“What is this? Who am I? What am I doing here?”

This Blog is part of my journey, this is where I procrastinate from my manuscript; from my novel. During this process, I have to work hard to not get frustrated. When writing life becomes a bloody and sweaty hike, I come here.
I have put the excitement and secret lives of non-existent people into my work and down on paper. I have characters who live in a place created by me, who live lives of my making, who face obstacles, pain and love; all of my doing. My story has only just begun, it is in the throes of gestation.
“From that first burst of creativity, the speed and exhilarating ride of the word train; I love. Next, I have to work at perfecting it; try not sanitize it in the process. “It is all in the rewrite. The first and second, third sometimes fourth drafts. “The edits, the return to research again and again to check ‘did I get a date or a law exactly right?’ I need to hone a look or tweak it because I found something new or more interesting. I didn’t want to alter it … I just wanted it to be perfect as it was. So I left it; let it simmer a while.
“Get her done”! One of my virtual friends told me. Sit down and do it I tell myself. Sometimes I’m sick of the characters changing their minds and a good slap is what is needed. Other ideas come in to play, new stories that steal time from the first. Before I know it there are several works in progress. That my friends is when I come here and write whimsy.

“I have a need to write. When other writers get to that hard place, they knit, paint, cook, garden or take photographs; I write. For some, the grammar, typos and punctuation are the easiest parts ( I, however, know where my weaknesses lay). Their slog may be in the beginning at conception, the creative part. I digress let’s bring it back on point.
My resting, clearing cobwebs from my head and taking my mind off the sticky stuff is done here on my Blog. It is with *sigh* a deep breath, (here in my safe place) that you will find me. I am here with words, scribble, story and rhyme, if you look close enough you’ll find pieces of me.

I am Ellen, some say a happy, humorous, quick-witted woman who laughs, loves, talks and cry’s in equal measure. Others suggest “I am a bit bonkers, but we know all the best people are”. (Borrowed from Lewis Carroll).
I am stronger than I seem; happier than I have ever been. I am a complex character who loves life. I Bathe in love, laughter and words. Words that I read and write, words that I swallow whole.

Please pay me in comments and I will respond soonest and you will make me happy and gain a pal ‘flutters lashes’ I am easily pleased.

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter HERE. Or on Instagram HERE You can also follow my Pinterest Here. If you wish.

250 thoughts on “About.

  1. Hi Ellen.

    I know it is a tad early, but I wanted to let you know that I will be publishing a post on Tuesday, Jan 28th, at 2 am PST and I have nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. Thank you for being in my blogging arena and your support.

    I hope you will be able to accept and pay this forward, but no hard feelings and pressure should you not be able to do so, I fully understand.

    The post will only be available on Tuesday, Jan 28th, after 2 am PST: https://esmesalon.com/bloggers-recognition-award-7/

    Blogging regards, Esme Slabs from EsmeSalon

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    1. No I have not been well for a while but am back now. Working on my novel and intend to post once a week. But am still unable to share on Facebook 😯😢 thank you for dropping in xx


  2. Ellen, what a treat reading all this. You are one amazing lady with such spirit and zest. I’m honoured to have “met” you and may our friendship and reading together continue in years to come.

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  3. Hi Ellen, Your words speak volumes…Your positive manner and writing, I’m sure,will reach and appeal to many. Like you (although I’m ancient – think wine rather than cheese…) I have ‘the world’ inside of me and want to visit and express it ALL.but will never have enough time to do so as eloquently as I wish. But I’ll have a bloomin’ good try though! Where can I read the poem you wrote about the concentration camp? Best wishes.

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  4. Hi Ellen, how is your novel coming along?

    When we were in London, we visited Longleat, Stonehenge, and Bath. Yes, as you said, it’s nice and scenic area. I’m done compiling my poetry book. I know about the first, second, third, and fourth editings. I’m almost ready for my editor.

    I am writing my memoir also and had to take a break because I cut off a big chunk and will start from somewhere else. 🙂

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    1. Yes I know where you are… you’re at the hard slog place with your memoir. Good luck with the poetry book, I am so pleased for you. Are you Indie or have you a publisher? I would have loved to have met you … maybe next time.

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      1. I am working on perfecting my Flash fiction with an Idea to gather enough for a book. I am altering where my novel begins and adding another twist. The more you learn the more you see, so back to the drawing board once more.

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        1. I know what you mean, Ellen. I set out to write my memoir and write 30,000 words. When I learn more about memoir writing, I edited and edited and cut out a big chunk. Now I even stopped the part I started and started from another point. I’ve written quite a few for the 99 words flash fiction. I like most of them. When I have enough, I’ll do a book also. I may expand some of them – I don’t know yet. Let’s keep going and keep each other company. ❤

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  5. We all have our challenges, some being more visible than others.
    Keep writing – I’m told a positive attitude (which seems present for you) helps!
    Know that Carrot Ranch is a fun and safe place and hopefully writing for the prompts and enjoying reading others replies helps you too. Hugs, ~Jules

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  6. Hi Ellen – Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I have done the Guest Post – Contributor invite.
    I have set you up as a contributor to my Blog. Now its up to you to accept, produce your post and drop me a note when done and ready for my review and publish.
    One thing, as contributor, this role unfortunately does not allow you to upload images, to please feel free to email me the images you wish to use, if you have any, and where it should go, and I will add as per your direction.
    Thanks you again for your interest to be a Contributor on The Recipe Hunter.
    I only intend to do a Guest Post release once a week, so first come first serve. The next one will be next week, so keep me posted.
    Should you require more information, please email me at Cookandenjoy@shaw.ca
    Esmé – The Recipe Hunter

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          1. WOW – awesome – just pulled email, saw your email and quickly checked and saw your post. Unable to read now, as I am on my way to work, but will check it all out tonight. Your post will be scheduled for next week. Thanks in advance my friend. Please share this news with your friends, and let’s get happy guest posting. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Thank you for your kindness but I am an award free blog on account that I have so little time spare as it is and i wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Thank you so much for thinking of me I appreciate it enormously.

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  7. Hi, I have to say I’m bonkers as well, ha! It’s so nice to connect with you and I appreciate your recent insight about getting out of my own way. Thank you. Although, if you get that from my words, are you sure you don’t know me in real life, too? 😉 Ha! x

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  8. oh me, oh my…I have a Twitter missive from you to reply to!!! Lovely intro Ellen…although I am having a deja vu moment, have I commented on this about page before? Terrible case of over blogging and not posting; I be in a mental place of cluttered amnesia. That said I now have bought a projects book so will start using it….I digress; great page my bonkers friend 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Very true and often that is the case with people living one way inside and another outside….aka depression. I never make light of that as the beast is known to me too. However, happy mad and strange discourse is a totally different quality of bonkers lol

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  9. You had me at “bloody sweaty hike.” And I completely relate to the struggle to get the words down on paper/screen…
    Looking forward to following to see what kind of progress you make. Maybe it will inspire me as well!

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  10. Hi Ellen. This reminds me that I must up-date my ‘about’ page. Reading this also reminds me of myself in many ways. Aren’t we just brilliant!! Hee hee!! Lovely connecting with you and looking forward to reading your posts.

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