Breaking the Rules

photograph courtesy of Paul Miltiaru press HERE to see his beautiful photography.


He could walk a coastal hike

Take the road atop a bike.

Sail o’er the seas of old

On a ship that carries gold.

He could fight a hundred men

Chase a lion from his den.

He’d be a champion of men

The countries Olympian.

But let him walk along a street

Without shoes upon his feet

He’d bring shame and despair

On the townsfolk living there.

You can win a Quadrathlon

but never flout a road sign.

Photo of British quadrathlon team courtesy of Wikipedia.

Which rule did you break? (Other than a parking or speed signs )


I flouted the rules of propriety with the above, as I thought one way, was my way…

4 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

    1. Prcisely Norah I think the Policeman was being a bit of a cross patch because as I explained… if he hadn’t been wairing at the other end nobody would have noticed. 😉😇*sigh*

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