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Picture prompt from pixabay.

The easy jet from Paris was disembarking, any minute she’d bypass the baggage collection and speed her way into his arms. I see her looking, calm almost detached, her hand guides her carryon, a hard shell yellow case on wheels. Straightening my tie I breathe deeply, give a tug to the bottom of my uniform then step forward. Her face lights up, her eyes stop momentarily on his and like Judus he nods towards me.

Blond hair flopped over her eye as she turned her head to follow his nod, she sees me. “Mirrium Naughton please,” I direct her with an open palm towards customs. Her pupils enlarged, small beads of perspiration sat on her top lip. She whipped her head back to meet his gaze once more, “come with me.”

My first arrest in my new role was one I will never forget. Handshakes all round, my back slapped several times. But still, the bad taste coated my tongue each time I thought how easily her husband betrayed her.

What do you think she had done? pop your thoughts in the comments I can’t wait to read.


Paris or Bust.

28 thoughts on “Paris or Bust.

    1. Thank you Amelia for coming I have lost so many readers with not being able to participate in the group 😢 you could be right but I would like to bet he hid them and she did not have a clue. Nasty piece of work that husband.


  1. Wow! That’s some mystery you built around her. Won’t guess the reason why she was taken though as the mystery has been unfolded by the series of comments before me. Loved it 🙂


  2. A lovely piece of writing, Ellen. I am trying to think of what a woman could do that would get her husband to betray her like this. Hmmm! Maybe she is a spy and he didn’t know.


  3. Wonderful writing as ever. The husband has definitely set her up, but I don’t think it’s drugs. People wouldn’t be sufficiently shocked and would anyway suspect he was involved or at least in the know.

    I think it’s something darker, something unforgivable: terrorism or human trafficking perhaps. Something that in the world’s eyes justifies him in abandoning her (as he surreptitiously continues whatever nefarious scheme he’s started).

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    1. He may have snook diamonds in her sherbet dib – dab and dobbed her in so he can sleep with her sister (he’d need consolling) but he won’t marry sister because his wife is in prison fifteen years for smuggling black diamonds. (Grabbs pen) 😃😂😅


  4. Terrific setup for a story. Unwittingly, she trusted that the bag her husband gave her to carry was fine being locked. She had no reason to look inside; after all, he confirmed with her that it was filled with business papers he didn’t want to send through the mail. Once she delivered them for her, they could finalize their big plans for the house she wanted. The house they would buy using her inheritance.

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      1. Did I read it wrong? Isn’t SHE being targeted? I wrote that she is unwittingly carrying something bad in the case – and he gave it to her. If I’m wrong about that I will delete!


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