Picture prompt.

Under the sod lay Jake; my first love. For forty years the grass grew fertile and green. He went unnoticed … until.

Barney moved in, a lodger I said, but it wasn’t long before, he was sharing my bed. He was persistent, I was lonely and had space. Barney was a twinkler and had a nice face. At sixty I didn’t expect … stuff, to happen to me.

That Summer a heatwave killed the grass; revealing a shape. Coming back from shopping I was shocked to see. Jake poking out and Barney’s head looking at me. From a hole in the lawn.

Use the picture prompt to write 100 words. PRESS to join in.

Picture prompt was lent only for the use of the #FridayFictioneers by Ronda Del Boccio.

Did you think she had murdered a bloke? Did the reverse twist catch You? Tell me talk to me.


Under The Sod

54 thoughts on “Under The Sod

  1. I saw a bloke laying in a hole. It made much more sense when I found out it was a dog. Wuff Wuff…


  2. Love the ironic play on words – like under the sod one did β€œlay” and then she had space in her bed and the part about being 60 and having stuff.
    So interesting-
    The only thing that had me a little puzzled was the use of commas and even a period before the last sentence – I get this was a style but then it seemed with all these extra commas some were missing in other places. I know commas can be optional – and I see that you used them for effect – but I think the teacher in me was like huh?


  3. Dear Ellen,

    Looks like Barney found more bones than he bargained for. πŸ˜‰ I can see Jake being her first love. Not what I expected but I enjoyed the twist. 2 paws up. πŸ˜€



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  4. Ah, reading the comments have explained what appeared to be terrible punctuation. I re-read it as a poem and it made more sense! πŸ™‚

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


  5. Well, the picture at the end leads me to believe that Jake was a dog whose skeleton was dug up by another dog, Barney. Why else would Barney’s head be looking at her from a hole in the lawn? Anyway, it’s a fun story, and I like the use of rhyme to make it an interesting read.

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  6. What a convoluted take on the prompt! I thought the internal rhymes were an interesting variation of pace, and made me pay more attention to certain parts of the text.


    1. You found it difficult to follow? I apologise for that, I worried that I simplified it too much. Never mind hopefully you will come back and read something else. Have a good weekend.


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