Autumn arrives following a blood-red moon,
Vicars pray and People cry “The end is coming soon.”
Fears of men from distant lands make us think.
Old maids spend the night hidden under the kitchen sink.

Morning breaks and life goes on the way it did before,
With many men casting stones and crying out for war.
Peace keepers calming them as the hungry cry for food,
The greedy believe they’re cheats so call them “bloody rude.”

Berries plump amongst the thorns are fat with juice,
Leaves will fall and crackle, Under the feet of the farmyard goose.
The last apples ripen as harvesting is done,
Filberts stolen by squirrels while playing in the sun.

Pumpkins, Halloween, gingerbread and spice,
Punch that smells of cinnamon spiked with rum to make it nice.
Sweet caramel apples served on wooden sticks,
Children give sticky kisses from sugar covered lips.

As Autumn creeps through this land
No doubt the moon gave a helping hand.
An old wives tale or a prophesy
Thwarted by the trajectory.

A reworked poem especially for my introduction to the blog battle press HERE to join in or read some great writing. Both animations are on loan from Kathryn Dydecka

Also linked to Esme’s senior Salon, A platform to share, follow and read other blogs. Press the “Now” to read or join in Thank you Esme.

I hope you enjoyed this, did you see the last Harvest moon? Do you believe in its magic? let me know in the comments. I love to talk.


Blood-red Moon.

20 thoughts on “Blood-red Moon.

  1. I wish there was a “LOVE” button for this poem. Autumn and Halloween are my absolute favorites so of course your theme got me right away, but the images you created within your poem are so strong. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There we go Ellen! Excellent job of delivering autumn in prose combining the spectacle of harvest and folklore under a blood moon. Have you dropped the link on the BlogBattle prompt page? I’ve not checked yet as I came straight here to have a read. Hope you can join in next month too 😊😊


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