Where Has Time Gone

Where has the time gone?

Me in 2008

 It seems like, in a blink of an eye or a twitch of a nose,

Our shape alters and our skin unfolds.

All at once looks take on a different role,

Putting us on another journey, aiming us towards a new goal.

Only now, at this late stage of life do we find out,

if we have worked hard enough on the true us.

For now we rely on what we have on the inside.

Our kindness, personality, empathy and fun.

Can we attract others to us because we are,

Good to be near, have something worthwhile to say

Have we worked hard on ourselves over the years,

Accumulated knowledge that others can’t wait to hear.

Where has the time gone …  in a blink of an eye.

Will I have done enough, before that last goodbye.

To be remembered for what I became.

 Not a face with wrinkles,

some long forgotten name.

By Ellen Best 2021

This came from me finding the above photo, it seems like a few weeks since it was snapped but the mirror tells a different story. I held my face in both hands and wept.

Age is nothing but a number, and our looks are only skin deep, these are well-worn cliche’s but they are the truth. Who we are is what carries us through to the end. Men are beginning more and more to do the same, work on their outward appearance. Women especially, work and have for centuries, on how to present themselves. Learning about the best clothes for our shape, which makeup will cover our flaws. After all first impressions count, we have friends to make, Husbands to attract, jobs/positions to win.

Should that be taught? How to work just as hard on the inside, maybe from infancy? Self matters, the substance of you will one day be all you have left. I am not suggesting that things are not changing, there is a lot of work being done in schools and homes aimed at teaching self-worth, and bravo to that. But the way we look needs to be … something we do secondary to the way we feel, think and express ourselves. To become a good human being is to love who you are. So when life has taken that youthful glow, stretched once supple flesh and slowed us down … we can still hold our own, we will be worthwhile and have something of value to offer. Getting us to believe that is what needs to come next.

I would love to hear your opinions please leave a comment I will answer them all.

22 thoughts on “Where Has Time Gone

  1. It’s good to have pride in ourselves. Take care of our bodies on the inside and out. Unfortunately for some, the obsession with trying to perfect the physical body takes over.
    Today we will bury my husbands father, age 91. A handsome old man who aged gracefully.
    We all age…it’s a fact of life and we should accept that. In my eyes there’s nothing more beautiful than the face of an elderly person whose life shines through their laughter lines!
    Lovely poem Ellen! 💖

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    1. Thank you Gloria, in the end it is the inside that shines. Sorry for your loss Gloria, all though we miss them when they go we always have fond memories of their quirks and comments that pop in our heads from time to time, so they stay in spirit.


  2. Changes do take place, but as long as you’re happy in yourself and can look at yourself in the mirror day by day, then all is good. I am by far not the person now (way over my 60) than when I was 20-ish but must admit I prefer to the older version of me.

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  3. While it is true that looks open doors in the job market or marriage, it is our talent and character that will help us sustain. A lovely post on a very relevant topic, Ellen. And a heartfelt poem on ageing.

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    1. That is exactly right, it is the colour of of our essence our learned and explored self that eventually comes through. Thank you for your comment and the time you gave my words,


    1. We are brought up hearing, about the prettiest child, the gorgeous model. We see people putting on make up, as if our looks are the main thing to achieve, We are not all afforded the same levels of physicality so most fail on day one. When really it is the measure of nothing. Those who spend their lives trying to look a certain way will hit the rails when age takes its toll. Or they money to keep it up runs out. We need to, like you say feel privaleged to still be here. Show children that expanding our minds with learning, experiences and art. Being the best person we can be is what makes you valued in life. Thank you Gemma for giving my words your time. Stay safe. X

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  4. We’re all going to get there one way or another. I see ageing as proof of life, good or bad. I have love and give love in all I do. No longer worrying about a legacy for others. I believe we are here to be our most loving, accepting selves.

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  5. We slowed down years ago, but pride ourselves in ‘getting there’ eventually. The ‘there’ changes though, as if we find somewhere we like and stay a while, before progressing on. Old age has hit us and it sucks. Hubby is 65 and I’ll be 65 in May. Not quite state pensioners, but in receipt of works pensions. Since hitting 60, apart from free eye tests and prescriptions, things, especially health matters, have gone downhill.
    BUT………….. we have each other and are still here. We get there, or will, wherever ‘there’ is now. We tend to forget things.

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    1. We are 66 and 63 respective, The lockdown, this one particularly has taken my spark and leaves me questioning everything. We lovingly have each other for that I am grateful every moment. X thank you for taking time for me and my words. Stay safe.


      1. We were angry to be grouped into Tier 4 when our area had one of the lowest infection rates in the country, but large towns 30 plus miles away had some of the highest. It annoys us when the visitors come and don’t care about our town or the residents. The drawbacks of living in a holiday resort I suppose. We are vigilant wherever we go, and socially distance all the time, even with our friends. That’s what we find hardest……. that and not being able to fuss their dogs!!!!

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