My From The Heart Valentines gift.


I purchased a spud gun, to remind him of his youth! A giggle and a kiss that  sealed the start of this gloriously decadent day. For a Valentine should be a measure of your lives a bit of a tickle not serious just… fickle. A show of happiness that he already knows and trusts. The receipt of such a gift  is unlikely to have ever been given before; therefore original .
Then came my gift, not wanting to advertise I will not photograph the wrapping.


A chocolate honeycomb filled Bunny  was prestnted in a pre opened package minus a leg! He remembered us laughing at an advert on television which in it’s self is lovely, as me and television don’t often or should I say don’t regularly meet;  as it seems to act as a sleeping draft. A bunny only needs one leg… to hop.

I know I am a bit of a loon but I have it on good authority that all the best people are. 

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