All in a lunch stop.


Having a break my best half (pardon the pun) and me, Motorhome travel, the Norfolk coastline, sun, sea, boats and all interspersed  with family visiting.
We had moved on from Wells next the Sea, and pulled over for a stretch and a cup of tea , somewhere near Mumford where a huge wooden Stag stands on the edge of the forests. That was when the  four wheel drive towing a horsebox pulled in.
A crunch of gravel announced their arrival and a lady mirroring our earler stretching  and the sounds that go with it climbed out. She had undone the box door, and as I watched, soothed and stroked the neck of her animal. Alert as i am, I grasped my pencil… “well you just never know” She proceeded to take him out, I presume her thinking was, if I need a stretch then so does he. Hooking the hay net on to the back then tying him up behind the box while she was gently crooning and patting his neck. Now I am very used to being around horse flesh, (my Father was a jockey) the love a child has for her pony, a competitor for their steed, the rider for his mount, they all have strong connections with their animal. But the unadulterated affection was palpable, she could have been feeding her child or presenting her husband with the most delectable of treats.
I being me, wandered over and asked to photograph him, Jill as I now know her name , was happy to chat and spend a few moments with us; not that I gave her much choice. Her self and her Welsh cob Majic were on their way through the forest; to an Arboretum in Norfolk, I learned  that she hadn’t  had him long, and had a task ahead as he wanted to gallop full pelt the moment hooves met grass; so hopefully the forest slowed him down. The whole time we spoke she watched him chew, and when he shook his head and whinnied she told him she was still near. I took several photo’s  but… he was pleased to see me! Or stressed as Jill laughingly said, so I popped on this head shot, and hoped you would like him too.
Just a lunch stop with a little Majic,  we made a friend, and plan to catch up with her next month as she visits her beach hut in Lyme Regis , (25 min from our home) a huge coincidence  in a small world..
People never stop amazing me, I thought my moment watching the love care and compassion, needed to be shared. In a world that is quick to write of hate , conflict and death. “Jill if you’re reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you both and thank you .
Reader, Maybe you have had an unusual unsuspected lunch break and captured a moment, (as long as it’s clean ) share it with me… I’d  love to read it.
P.s.  the cob won’t be accompanying  Jill when we next meet.

6 thoughts on “All in a lunch stop.

  1. Ellen, Jill is my friend and I was so pleased to read your story. Jill is indeed a wonderful person and very in love with Magic. Sounds lovely that you will have a catch-up soon. Please give her a big hug from Jan!


  2. What a delight to come across your blog and Magic’s picture. I want to thank you as well, you and your husband, for making our day more of an adventure. I love riding out, not just because of the pleasure of riding, but of finding new places, meeting new people, and making new friends, all three things I did that day in the forest.

    Our ride was beautiful; it began with meeting two wonderful and interesting people, with one particular story that had me in goose pimples when talking of your mother in law’s diary entry. It was immediately followed by meeting an official of the forest.

    The cynic in me, expected this man in a uniform to tell me I couldn’t park there, or ride there, but instead he showed me what route to take, then apologised as he began to fill in his questionnaire which was why he had approached me…..

    1. What do you plan to do in the forest…..( He grinned, and so did I as I replied with the obvious)…..erm…..ride my horse?
    2. Have you been here before………no
    3. What do you like about it……erm……..not been here yet, so don’t know…….( he apologised again explaining he would miss some questions out)
    4. How did you hear about us…….The Internet!
    5. Will you come again……..I’ll tell you that later after I see if I survive!

    He pointed me in the right direction for the arboretum and Lynford Hall, and off we went.

    Magic was a star, walked for me like a dream, and soon after many a wrong trial we found said hall and arboretum which were delightful and peaceful and like stepping back in time.

    My return was less impressive…… got lost many times, meet some swans and signets that didn’t like us, and Magic wasn’t impressed with them either, much dancing by Magic and Hissing by the swans ensued till we were back on the track……till I went wrong and each time met the swans again, ( 3 times in all……I swear I had a death wish).

    Now here is the strange bit, make of it what you will. I was talking to Magic and saying I just wanted to get back to the car, a choice came of 3 trials , and I took the one I thought was right……Magic refused to move on after about 20 yards, just planted his feet and plain refused….so I said ‘ Ok, if you don’t want to go this way, which way?…..this way? ‘ and I turned to another of the routes. He walked it like a lamb, and two hundred yards down the track low and behold the car park and our car and box……

    now was it intuition, was it sheer chance?……I don’t know, but I do know I have no sense of direction and I’ll trust his instinct if I’m lost next time.

    So that was my day, an adventure and all safe home, and I truly am looking forward to meeting up with you and your husband in Lyme in August, and to continuing to read up on your adventures.
    To many more days of adventures and new friends along the way.


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