“What Is The Meaning Of This Quote?”

Today I came across this quote, it is not mine I can not lay claim to it or find the person who penned it, but if you take it at face value we human beings are horrendous house guests.
Maybe the  lesson is humility? Just maybe it is to live in harmony? Or it could mean to live, care and nurture the earth, like we would tend the garden if it was all we had to feed us. Well it looks to me like we lost, failled the challenge, destined to stand in the corner and wear the proverbial dunces hat!



I think C.S. Lewis had read the quote and this is his interpretation above. Or maybe he was hovering around a portal and  talking to Aslan, who knows?
So I would like your oppinions, if you have a moment…  What do you think the quote is trying to say? Or do you know it’s originator?
I look forward to hearing what you think. *Waving* dying to read your responses, I know you won’t let me down.

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20 thoughts on ““What Is The Meaning Of This Quote?”

  1. Hello Ellen. Gosh, you have some wise folk commenting who I think have hit the mark very precisely. Me too … I would love to have a chat with Aslan as well who C.S. Lewis visualized as Jesus. C.S. Lewis also said … Prayer doesn’t change God, but it does change me.
    I like the feel of this blog. Now a loyal follower. All the best. Kris.

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  2. My guess is it is biblical, a reference to the transient nature of life before moving on to heaven ( or that other spot). The lesson I suppose is to learn to live a life that will ensure we end up in a hereafter that doesn’t have Donald Trump on reception.

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  3. It is from the last of the eight verses of the Romans 12 bible verse. Our partnership within this body of Christ called the church enhances the gifts each of us humbly offers; and offering our gifts for the sake of all underscores the value not only of what we give but also of who we are. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” – See more at: http://orleansunitedchurch.com/blog/2012/01/01/humility-is-not-thinking-less-of-yourself-but-thinking-of-yourself-less.

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    1. I wonder why it is atributed to CS Lewis? Thank you Patricia it was this one “This earth isn’t our true home; we are guests here, to learn lesson” that I can’t place . Have a smashing weekend.

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    1. Your interpretation is around where my thoughts lie. Then again if we are temporary caretakers, (Even if you have no spiritual beliefs, we are just here temporarily) We are making a hash of the care part. Thanks for being here 😇

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