Five Silly Things.

The scribblers prompt this month was to reveal and describe five silly things I do or say so here goes.

I make stuff up.

 I once held a conversation about my imaginary childhood in a place called Black Rock. This was accompanied by an Irish accent (very bad). After ten or twenty minutes I smiled nicely and made to leave. That was when the Irish couple I had been speaking to… waved goodbye and hoped I’d  call in when next visiting their home town of Black Rock. *smug*

I am bonkers.
I secrete note pads and pencils about my person (see my story glimpes of me ) pencil in my hair, paper in the top of a holdup stocking.

I can be dramatic.

I  lay my hand backwards across my brow, fluttering my lashes as I swoon. Next I hold the pose for three seconds (i know you are doing this) in a breathy voice say “But… you do love mei (pause for effect) dhont yoou dharling”  and finally
batting my lashes I drape myself across the husbands lap. This is quite Edwardian in nature and makes said husband blush.

A quirky being am I.

I am an early riser that is my thing.  Singing is also a thing; one that most people prefer me not to do. I vocally reproduce the ‘Good morning’ song in the guise of Doris Day at the top of my ( not so crisp) voice, while dancing in a mock hoe – down fashion (at least once a month) to rouse “the husband” from prolonged slumber.

I admit to mischeif.

I frequently Pretend I am of the same origins as people trying to sell me things over the phone. I repeat exactly what they say in their own vernacular… until they put the phone down.

I am nothing if I’m not inventive.

I have been known to plop myself cross legged on the library floor in the children’s  corner and read aloud with voices and actions. This either has parents dragging children away with startled looks or gathers them in front of me; teddies clutched to chests thumbs in mouths… *whispers* and that’s just the parents…

P.s. I can count but Ellen stylee.


We find ourselves living in our motorhome while we wait for keys to our freshly purchased home. Intermittent wifi and phone signal means my adventures in the blogosphere are few and far between. Stick with me please as I search cafe’s and supermarket carparks for a signal… As Arnie once said “I’ll be back.”


33 thoughts on “Five Silly Things.

  1. We did the camper living thing for over a year, with our 3 kidlets who were teens at the time. Not because we were between homes – I’d been inspired by another local homeschooling family who spent winters traveling the country, and summers parked at a nearby awesome campground. Long story, but our home on wheels stayed mostly parked, and then we stumbled across the amazing rental house we’re currently in. Not sure why I’m rambling on about it, but there ya go. *grin*
    Oh, and you had me at “silly” – the addition of “dramatic” “quirky” and “bonkers” has me completely sold. Still giggling over Black Rock… πŸ™‚

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  2. lol ME TOO!! One of my favorite humans just clucks his stodgy serious self and says when are you going to grow up OR that is ONLY in the movies no one does that but you bwaaaaaaahahhahahaha really adds to his venom when i just giggle back at him πŸ˜›

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  3. Feel for you, though ours was a tent then caravan rather than motorhome beofre buying the cottage in 2007. When we sold it in 2014, we were back in the tent house hunting after a week or so with our friend before buying the boat. McDs have free WIFI by the way as do some banks.

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